Optimal Sizing of Hybrid Wind and Solar Renewable Energy System: A Case Study of Ethiopia

Optimal Sizing of Hybrid Wind and Solar Renewable Energy System: A Case Study of Ethiopia

Diriba Kajela Geleta, Mukhdeep Singh Manshahia
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3970-5.ch007
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If properly designed and utilized, earth has rich potential of clean energy in satisfying the energy demand of the world. In this chapter, nature-inspired methodology was employed to optimize hybrids of renewable energy system in the case of Jeldu district of Ethiopia. The main goal of the researchers here is to minimize the total annual cost of the system, which can be designed by using appropriate numbers of components based on the pre-designed constraints to satisfy the load demand. MATLAB code was designed for the proposed methodology, and the results were discussed. It was seen from the result that the proposed approach has solved the optimum sizing of defined problem with high convergence. The results show that energy demand of the village can be optimally satisfied by the use of wind and solar hybrid system. Moreover, the application of this chapter is important for countries like Ethiopia to increase access to electricity.
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The rural area of sub-Saharan African countries and South Eastern Asia uses kerosene for lighting, wood and animal dugs for cooking. Due to less communication and technologies, the life standard of these societies is still under expected in 21st century. Serves giving sectors like schools, health centers and Agri-processing centers are need electricity in order for proper functioning.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Constraints: Are the conditions set by the researcher to control the boundary optimal solution and can also affect solutions of the given Optimization problem.

Fitness Function: It is a kind of objective function that developed for a particular problem by containing all its parameters in order to find the desired solution.

Hybrid Energy: Is the newly emerging technology by combining two or more energy generating sources to maximize the efficiency of the system.

Nature-Inspired Algorithm: Is the algorithm which takes its inspiration from nature and used to solve hard real-world Optimization problems where conventional Optimization methods were failed to solve it ( Geleta & Manshahia, 2020 ).

Reliability: Is the total amount of power that a renewable energy source can produce.

Electricity Access: Getting the chance of using electricity.

Loss of Supply Probability: The ratio of power deficit to the total power that the power generating system can produce.

Optimization: Is the process of searching timely best optimal value among all the given alternatives.

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