Optimization and Sustainable Development

Optimization and Sustainable Development

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Optimization and sustainable development of energy systems are processes of creative activity related to the search for adequate values of material, machine, and process indicators with respect to the rational criteria. The mathematical product standard (quality), effective or non-effectiveness acting models of energy technical systems are conditions for optimization. Standard, as distance between two functions (function difference) – one of the functions usually describes benchmark (model), the second – real thing (matter, reality). In case of a energy processor, design features determined by the construction are the benchmark, while produced design elements of post-manufacturing forms and dimensions are the real thing (reality). The standard is usually calculated for the material and the machine and not so often for the process. The standard is at the same time the basic dimension (distance) of quality. Efficiency (relates to process, environment, and material), is dimension of all effects of creative activities of matter, energy, and information. The higher the level of recognition of processing and transformation needs, the smaller a contribution of undesirable effects to the achievable objectives of the activities. These optimizations occur in different construction sets and different ways of raw, waste, energy materials preparation, disintegrating, according to the properties of the material before and after the process. The behavior of the new disintegrated element (the cracking, bending, stretching, turning round, and/or the displacement of material) depends mainly on machine development, innovation, design-construction, and among other things, the shape of the working space and working tools (e.g. knives, hammers, balls, etc.) as well as on kinematic relations between such elements.
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9.2. Principle Of Optimization

The constructive features and technology parameters of the grinding set of the energy-mills should be selected in such a way that the mathematical model or function achieves the maximal value (because of the eR, indicator value) or minimal (because of the value of the unit energy consumption indicator ER).

The point where the mathematical model or function value fulfils the required criterion is called the problem optimal solution: x* = (x*1, ......, x*n). The solution is, of course, from the permissible area:

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