Overview of Edge Computing and Its Exploring Characteristics

Overview of Edge Computing and Its Exploring Characteristics

Sangamithra A. (VIT University, India), Margaret Mary T. (Kristu Jayanti College, India) and Clinton G. (Sambharm Institute of Technology, India)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4873-8.ch004
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Edge computing is the concept of the distributed paradigm. In order to improve the response time and to save the bandwidth, it brings the computation and the storage of the data closer to the location whenever it is needed. Edge computing is one of the very famous and blooming concept in today's era. It has been used in so many applications for various purposes. Edge computing can be defined as infrastructure of physical compute which is placed between the device and the cloud to support various application and which brings the cloud closer to the end user or end devices. In this chapter, the authors discuss the origin of the edge paradigm, introduction, benefits. These are some of the criteria to be elaborated in the chapter overview of edge paradigm.
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Origin/History Of Edge Computing

Edge computing is one of the most popularity concepts in the IoT platform. This edge computing forms the foundation for the next generation of digital business as one of the top most technology trends.

Figure 1.

Era of Edge Computing


Because of this drastic growth of the edge computing, we were wondering how this edge computing started and how it has become more popular. Within a few decades the entire it has changed to the edge computing, which started from the mainframe, client/server to the cloud and at last to the edge computing. The edge computing platform allows edge nodes to respond to reducing bandwidth consumption, network latency and service demand. (Wei Yu Fan Liang & William Grant Hatcher (2017) In what way these all evolutions are interconnected. Everything is discussed detail in the below paragraph.

Figure 2.

Origin of Edge computing


Fog And Cloudlet Computing

Satyanarayanan has introduced the cloudlet in one of the paper named the case of VM based cloudlets in mobile computing in the year of 2009. In this he has focused major in the latency which is proposed with two tier architecture. Basically among the two tier the first tier indicates for the higher latency and the second indicated for the lower latency. Butmore movers this cloudlet can store only the soft state like cached copies of the data. (Satyanarayanan, M,2009)

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