Peace Marketing Is an Inordinate Reflection of Educational Culmination: Educational Magnification Is Truly Commendable for Peace Marketing

Peace Marketing Is an Inordinate Reflection of Educational Culmination: Educational Magnification Is Truly Commendable for Peace Marketing

Rudrarup Gupta (Multifarious Projects Group, India)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7464-4.ch009


The magnificence of education creates an astounding image for marketing, which means to convince consumers through some engaging ideas, concepts, products, and cognition, respectively. In this respect, “peace marketing” is one of the most indispensable visions in an enriching platform of world education already, which involves people to reach their accomplished business goals without any violence in deed. Because peace marketing is having an authoritative right to regulate the business through some educated people not only to complete the assigned task but to ramify their best educational elegance to continue this compelling flow of business without hazards.
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The each corner of this regimented globe is aiming for peace education in all the regards. As per my envisage educational peace ensures the respect and navigates the destined celerity for all the desirous people, who need education for sustainability at all. Therefore Peace Marketing is completely culminated upon educational elegance, which assures:

  • Moral Values: It is one of the pivotal steps to be alive in this most competitive market. This value may fabricate the unblemished community to lead our life quite successfully towards the awe-inspiring destiny very shortly.

  • Cooperation: It is having a worthy scope to grow a community in an amicable manner. It is very conducive for mankind to enhance the maturity as per the present societal need.

  • Discipline: It helps to create heavenly platform in a society, where people of all class are easily allowed to reform their life without any violence and that is going to be truly illustrious for an exemplary cultural zeal.

  • Understanding: It is indeed very thought provoking for each one of us to realize the entire community. So that it is going to be really compelling to be in the accomplished society in a befitting manner.

  • Mental Stand: It is really requisite to establish a great mental stand to do some exceptional job not only for the society but for recognizing the “Peace Marketing” in a different dimension.

  • Fellow Feeling: It must have an encyclopedic importance for each and other. So it shall be definitely advantageous for each one of us to form the best societal synthesis and on the other hand we shall get rid of our individual deficit in deed.

  • Decisive Movement: It is one of the crucial issues now a day. Because most people are extremely self centered now a day. But Educational Peace may stimulate us to be initiated in some notable ventures not only for the self elevation but for the historic educational magnificence within a very short while. Riswanda, Sunaryo, Ilfiandra and Nakaya told in 2018 that, both harmony and peace have taken a place very comprehensively in global arena and it has suddenly become an unavoidable societal challenge in deed. Thus this study has aimed to build a model for enriching both peace and culture in an educational platform, which is truly helpful for the global advancement in deed.



Peace education has already occupied the massive arena in the world. Because it is undoubtedly essential to entrench peace at every individual stages of our life. On the other hand, peace marketing and education are the most renowned process to accumulate the high-end societal value in a very different dimension. In other words, peace marketing plays a very important role upon peace education. Because it refines our standing, education, societal existence, occupational movements, human value and so on. Peace marketing largely influences the great educational elevation through its global acceptance and appreciations.

Therefore it is quite evident that, peace has changed the entire scenario for both marketing and education. It is really conducive to transform the knowledge in highest behavioral distinction. It is a great advancement of our civilization and the magnification of peace market respectively. It enriches the following:

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