Perception of Vowels and Dental Consonants in Bangla Speech Processing

Perception of Vowels and Dental Consonants in Bangla Speech Processing

Syed Akhter Hossain, M. Lutfar Rahman, Faruk Ahmed, M. Abdus Sobhan
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-3970-6.ch011
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The aim of this chapter is to clearly understand the salient features of Bangla vowels and the sources of acoustic variability in Bangla vowels, and to suggest classification of vowels based on normalized acoustic parameters. Possible applications in automatic speech recognition and speech enhancement have made the classification of vowels an important problem to study. However, Bangla vowels spoken by different native speakers show great variations in their respective formant values. This brings further complications in the acoustic comparison of vowels due to different dialect and language backgrounds of the speakers. This variation necessitates the use of normalization procedures to remove the effect of non-linguistic factors. Although several researchers found a number of acoustical and perceptual correlates of vowels, acoustic parameters that work well in a speaker-independent manner are yet to be found. Besides, study of acoustic features of Bangla dental consonants to identify the spectral differences between different consonants and to parameterize them for the synthesis of the segments is another problem area for study. The extracted features for both Bangla vowels and dental consonants are tested and found with good synthetic representations that demonstrate the quality of acoustic features.
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Bangla speech analysis has been an exciting area of investigation for the researchers for more than three decades and researchers explored and are still exploring avenues to parameterize Bangla speech for the machine understanding and recognition of Bangla phonemes.

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