Perceptual Data Hiding in Still Images

Perceptual Data Hiding in Still Images

Mauro Barni (University of Siena, Italy), Franco Bartolini (University of Florence, Italy) and Alessia De Rosa (University of Florence, Italy)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-192-6.ch002


The idea of embedding some information within a digital media, in such a way that the inserted data are intrinsically part of the media itself, has aroused a considerable interest in different fields. One of the more examined issues is the possibility of hiding the highest possible amount of information without affecting the visual quality of the host data. For such a purpose, the understanding of the mechanisms underlying Human Vision is a mandatory requirement. Hence, the main phenomena regulating the Human Visual System will be firstly discussed and their exploitation in a data hiding system will be then considered.

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