Personnel Issues

Personnel Issues

P. Gottschalk (Norwegian School of Management, Norway)
Copyright: © 2006 |Pages: 21
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-760-7.ch007


Many of the potential problems with outsourcing can be avoided by carefully deciding which IT services can appropriately be contracted out and which cannot. Other problems, however, can only be avoided by an effective implementation of that decision and one such is the potential staff problem when transferring IT management and operation to an external body. Staff, however, often find the growth potential, greater variety, and greater business focus of some outsourcing jobs very appealing, and working for an outsourcing vendor is actually popular with some staff once the transition has been made. To an IT staff person, the vendor organization can offer wide and interesting career paths and almost a return to the traditionally sized IT section with all its scope for specialism. This variety of career path is unlikely to be offered by the slimmed-down IT provision internal to most organizations. The vendor’s core business is IT and hence resources flow into new developments and advances in a way that can give interesting and rewarding career opportunities. Instead of IT staff being treated as a necessary overhead, they become the organization’s critical asset. Not all outsourcing jobs are equally appealing, however, and some roles can be very unpopular (Robson, 1997).

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