Plasmons, Polarons, and Polaritons Transport

Plasmons, Polarons, and Polaritons Transport

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1. Overview And Chapter Objectives

In the previous Chapters, we presented and discussed the transport models of charge carriers, phonons, photons and spin. In this Chapter we turn our attention to other composite quasi particles, such as: polarons, excitons and polaritons. Table 1 summarizes the quantum quasit particles, which are used to describe interactions in solids.

Table 1.
Quasi particles in semiconductors and nanodevices
Quasi ParticleDescriptionNotes
Simple (or Collectivity of Same Type) Quasi Particles
HolesMissing electrons in valence bandIn semiconductors
PhononsQuanta of crystal lattice vibrationslarge momentum little energy
PhotonsLight quanta
MagnonsSpins (Spin wave quanta)Crystal magnetic moments
PlasmonsElectron collectiveIn nanocrystals
Composite Quasi Particles
Cooper pairs2 electrons coupled by phononsResponsible for superconductivity
Polaronse- + phononImportant in organic semiconductors
ExcitonsBound electron-hole pairProduce light in LEDs
PolaritonsPhoton + phonon(Phononic Polariton)
Photon + exciton(Excitonic Polariton)
Photon + electron(s)(Plasmon Polariton)

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