Preserving Data Privacy in Electronic Health Records Using Blockchain Technology

Preserving Data Privacy in Electronic Health Records Using Blockchain Technology

Sathiyabhama B. (Sona College of Technology, India), Rajeswari K. C. (Sona College of Technology, India), Reenadevi R. (Sona College of Technology, India) and Arul Murugan R. (Sona College of Technology, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-0186-3.ch011


Technology is a boon to mankind in this fast-growing era. The advancement in technology is the predominant factor for the sophisticated way of living of the people. In spite of technology, revolution happens across the world, and mankind still suffers due to various health issues. Healthcare industries take immense measures to improve the quality of life. An enormous volume of digital data is being handled every day in the healthcare industry. There arises a need for the intervention of technology in the healthcare industry to be taken to a greater extent. The prime duty of any healthcare industry is to store and maintain those data in the form of electronic health records (EHR) in a secured manner.
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Need For Block Chain Technology In Healthcare Industries

Recently, Block chain technologies set it trails in the healthcare domain too. A blockchain is well-known distributed structurewhichstores healthcare transaction records securely. It is capable of sharingthese immutable recordsof peer-to-peer transactions. Blockchain is built from linked transaction blocks and stored in a digital ledger (Burniske, Vaughn, Shelton, & Cahana, 2016). Blockchain is also apublic catalog of health records that references databases, fitness and medical devices, mobile phones, and laptops. It could be used to connect every patient, healthcare provider, and payer to a secure, yet public network.

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