Principles and Applications of Thermal Spray Coatings

Principles and Applications of Thermal Spray Coatings

John Henao (CONACYT-CIATEQ A.C., Mexico), Carlos A. Poblano-Salas (CIATEQ A.C., Mexico), Fabio Vargas (University of Antioquia, Colombia), Astrid L. Giraldo-Betancur (CONACYT-CINVESTAV, Mexico), Jorge Corona-Castuera (CIATEQ A.C., Mexico) and Oscar Sotelo-Mazón (Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos (UAEM), Mexico)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4870-7.ch002
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The goal of the chapter is to address the fundamental theory of thermal spraying and its modern industrial applications, in particular, those involving flame spray, HVOF, plasma spray, and cold spray processes. During the last 30 years, thousands of manuscripts and various book chapters have been published in the field of thermal spray, displaying the evolution of thermally sprayed coatings in many industrial applications. Thermal spray coatings are currently interesting for different modern applications including prosthesis, thermal barriers, electrochemical catalysis, electrochemical energy conversion devices, biofouling, and self-repairing surfaces. The chapter will explain the fundamental principles of the aforementioned thermal spraying processes and discuss the effect of different controlling parameters on the final properties of the produced coatings. This chapter will also explore current and future industrial applications of thermal spray coatings.
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List Of Common Abbreviations

  • APS: Atmospheric Plasma Spray

  • ASI: Adiabatic Shear Instabilities

  • CAPS: Controlled Atmosphere Plasma Spray

  • CGS: Cold Gas Spray

  • dB: Decibels (dBA is noise power measured in dB)

  • DC: Direct Current

  • D-Gun: Detonation Spray

  • HPCS: High Pressure Cold Gas Spray

  • HV: Hardness Vickers

  • HVAF: High Velocity Air Fuel

  • HVOLF: High Velocity Oxygen Liquid Fuel

  • HVOF: High Velocity Oxygen Fuel

  • HRC: Hardness Rockwell C

  • HVSFS: High Velocity Suspension Flame Spray

  • LPCS: Low Pressure Cold Gas Spray

  • LPPS: Low Pressure Plasma Spray

  • PS-PVD: Plasma Spray Physical Vapor Deposition

  • SPS: Shrouded Plasma Spray

  • TS: Thermal Spray

  • TWA: Twin Wire Arc

  • VPS: Vacuum Plasma Spray

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