Process of Placing Advertisements on Website Homepage

Process of Placing Advertisements on Website Homepage

Gitanjali Kalia (Chitkara University, India)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8238-0.ch007
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We cannot find any website without advertisements on it. As the number of websites has increased enormously, marketers are trying every niche to target the consumers. While designing a website, a lot of elements are kept in mind. Type of website, ad layout opted, type of internet ad, duration, and position of the ad on the website will be discussed. As the research is based on Harold Laswell model of communication (i.e., who says what, to whom, which channel, and with what effect), the role of the marketers and the way the message is communicated to the online consumers will be discussed. Earlier researches done under this topic will be discussed so as to understand the scope of the research conducted and model suggested. The chapter will include the model suggested at the end of the research and how the basic model of communication by Harold Laswell has diversified over a period of time.
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India within a span of last 10 years has been the apple eye of the Global market with context to not just the ratio of population but also the relevance of free capital market. Advertising has been the nervous system of today’s business and what has added to its addiction is its amalgamation with Information, Communication and Technologies resulting into ecommerce business. Nowadays, we cannot find any website without advertisements on it. As the numbers of websites have increased enormously, marketers are trying every niche to target the Consumers through various social platforms. Therefore, the demand exists to understand the scope of online advertisements on various websites especially the homepages.

Essential Requirements of Posting Online Advertisements on Homepage

Digital media has shrunken the whole world in a form of global village where every minute detail regarding any corner of the world is available on the click of the mouse. Being an audio-visual-textual medium, all the marketers and advertisers try their level best to attain the attention of the netizen towards their websites. He tries to upturn every stone that forms the base of developing an informative and aesthetic website. A successful website is an amalgamation of many elements such as graphics, colors, text, headlines, etc. Therefore the researcher tends to study the following aspects of websites and online advertisements on it:

Different Formats of Website

These days we notice that online market is flooded with number of websites that can be categorised under various formats. Though the whole journey was triggered off with social media as key indicator, the formats have expanded over period of time. From informational web portals to social networking sites, news portals to classified websites, company website to retailer website, every business is available on the internet. Whether it is product promotion, company popularity, social awareness or dissemination of information, websites are designed in the way of their objectivity. Thus the type of website decides the category of the product to be advertised on it.

Formats of Internet Ad

With the change of era from traditional advertising to web advertising, advertisers have gone smarter in reaching out to their customers. While surfing, the advertisers adopts various advertising formats like banner ads, interstitials, pop up, pop under, floating ads and many more to target the netizen and enhance their visibility and usage of the product. It is very essential to choose and adapt right kind of format as all are not successful among the netizens as some ads are completely ignored and treated as irritating element.

Design Layout of Advertisement

A layout refers to rough designing of the advertisement and portrays the placement of the print ad elements in the advertisement. Though designing is a part of creative aspect but there are specific categories of layouts like Big picture layout, Copy Heavy Layout, Multipanel Layout, Mondrain Layout, etc. that designer can opt for designing the advertisement and getting the maximum click is also important criteria for the marketers.

Longevity of the Ad

Being the medium with media convergence where advertisements are designed in different audio, visual and graphical formats, the advertisers uses every method to attract the consumers in which the longevity of the ad on homepage makes a lot of difference.

As we all notice that many times the ads appearing on the webpage are either flickering or appear permanently on the home page. There is also a category when other options or buttons on the homepage are clicked the ad displayed on the homepage gets changed while some ads remain unchanged.

Placement of the Ad

The advertisement should be designed in such an aesthetic way that it creates maximum attraction among netizen. Opportunity to Read (OTR) & Opportunity to See (OTS) are quintessential concepts used in OOH advertising but with context to digital media placement of advertisements on homepages makes an impact on the visibility of the ad among consumers.

Therefore, it becomes crucial to place and position the online advertisements at a place that is easily noticeable and catches the eye of the netizen.

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