Professional Growth and Development

Professional Growth and Development

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The purpose of this chapter is to explore why a medical professional's career is one of lifelong learning and growth. Even after the period of formal education is over, continuous development and maintenance of skills is essential. Along with this, attention is also directed towards the improvement of health care services at the individual and general levels.
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Key Points

  • to discuss the role and importance of clinical governance

  • to appreciate the nature and need to undertake higher training

  • to explore the various avenues available for higher training

  • to study the different opportunities offered by higher specialization

  • to understand the importance of self directed and lifelong learning

  • to explore ways to promote mentorship and use the same to build a professional network and support system



The complexities of modern health care throw up a lot of questions regarding the conduct and development of medical professionals and the satisfaction and well being that health consumers drive from accessing medical services. On the face of it, there might seem to be a tussle among the two- that doctors’ needs are diametrically opposite to those of their patients. It is actually quite the contrary- a well rounded development of the doctor bodes well for the satisfaction the patient receives, and this in turn, leads to increased productivity of the doctor (Wood et al, 2009).

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