Proposals to Win the Battle Against Cyber Crime

Proposals to Win the Battle Against Cyber Crime

Alaa Hussein Al-Hamami (Amman Arab University, Jordan)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5634-3.ch072
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Through commercial networks and across the Internet, there are data files, millions of images and videos, and trillions of messages flow each day to drive the world economy. This vast electronic infrastructure is what our nation depends on. To commit crime by using a computer and communication to forge a person's identity, illegal imports or malicious programs, the computer here is used as an object or subject for the cybercrime. Most of the online activities are vulnerable to intrusion and can compromise personal safety just as effectively as common everyday crimes. This chapter concentrates on explaining and discussing the terms of cyber security, cybercrimes, and cyber-attacks. A history for each term has been given and the problems of cyber security have been discussed. Finally, a proposed solution has been suggested and future trends have been forecasted, and at the end of the chapter a conclusion will be given.
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The History Of Cybercrime

Capacity of human mind is unfathomable. It is impossible to eliminate crime from the globe and there is no legislation has succeeded in doing that. People aware of their rights and duties and they know that the application of the laws is more stringent to check crime. Finally, it is not possible to eliminate cybercrimes from the cyber space.

Computers are a tool that criminals use much like a lock picking tool or a counterfeiting machine. Criminals have learned that computers provide an anonymity that has previously been unattainable in society. Criminals are criminals everywhere and at any time and their aims are to gain benefits (financial, social, etc) and at the end harming the society.

An advance in computers and communications that is so radical it not only changes the way that societies interact, it also has fundamental effects on the behavior of the human and criminal element within that society: introducing completely new and previously unheard of actions into our everyday life. Cyber Crime is one of the biggest radical changes in the society and criminal behaviors (Power, 2001).

The computer networks allow cyber criminals to conduct illegal activity from a remote computer far away from the crime position here it taking place by controlling another computer and make it to attack another computer. A criminal can access a computer network a continent away and steal credit card and banking information without having to be physically present at the scene. Criminals are using computers to conduct several crime acts such as: information theft, intellectual property theft, fraud, etc. using a computer and the communications as a subject or an object for illegal activity (Saini et al, 2012).

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