Protein Energy Malnutrition in Children: Prevention System

Protein Energy Malnutrition in Children: Prevention System

Foluke Onaleye (Univesity of Illinois Chicago, USA)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-6067-8.ch017
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The current management to prevent Protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM) is examined and the use of technological tools such as Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems and mobile solutions are employed to prevent the development of PEM and its complications. Implementation of technological solutions in healthcare is a critical factor in achieving better health outcomes as documented in some parts of the world. Sub-Saharan Africa is behind on the adoption of electronic health records and other health information technology solutions due to several challenges such as lack of funding and infrastructure required to implement its use. Recent studies show that Sub-Saharan Africa is slowly gravitating towards adoption of health information technology particularly EHR systems and mobile solutions because of the need to find solutions to its healthcare crisis. Development of a PEM prevention system using these tools to enhance the current management will improve patient health outcomes and decrease the mortality rate of PEM.
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Background And Aims

Malnutrition in children is endemic in developing countries and nations like Sub-Saharan Africa. Protein Energy Malnutrition is a form of Malnutrition, an energy deficit caused by deficiency of macro and micronutrients. Protein Energy Malnutrition can be primary, which is caused by an inadequate nutrient intake or secondary resulting from disorders or drugs which affect the use of nutrients in the body. The type commonly seen in children is the primary Protein Energy Malnutrition. Protein Energy Malnutrition comprises 3 types namely, Kwashiokor, Marasmus and Marasmic Kwashiokor. Protein malnutrition is predominant in Kwashiokor, Marasmus is marked by a deficiency in calorie intake while Marasmic Kwashiokor is defined by a marked calorie insufficiency and marked protein deficiency. Marasmic Kwashiokor is the most severe form of malnutrition.

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