Proteomics with Mass Spectrometry

Proteomics with Mass Spectrometry

Simon Lin (Northwestern University, USA), Salvatore Mungal (Duke University Medical Center, USA), Richard Haney (Duke University Medical Center, USA), Edward F. Patz Jr. (Duke University Medical Center, USA) and Patrick McConnell (Duke University Medical Center, USA)
Copyright: © 2006 |Pages: 19
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-863-5.ch005


This chapter provides a rudimentary review of the field of proteomics as it applies to mass spectrometry, data handling, and analysis. It points out the potential significance of the field suggesting that the study of nuclei acids has its limitations and that the progressive field of proteomics with spectrometry in tandem with transcription studies could potentially elucidate the link between RNA transcription and concomitant protein expression. Furthermore, we describe the fundamentals of proteomics with mass spectrometry and expound the methodology necessary to manage the vast amounts of data generated in order to facilitate statistical analysis. We explore the underlying technologies with the intention to demystify the complexities of the nascent field and to fuel interest by readers in the near future.

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