Purpose-Driven Marketing Wars: Dishwashing Detergent Brands' Purpose-Driven Marketing Campaigns in Turkey

Purpose-Driven Marketing Wars: Dishwashing Detergent Brands' Purpose-Driven Marketing Campaigns in Turkey

Emrah Gülmez
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1630-0.ch009
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Purpose is a definitive statement about the difference that a brand is trying to make in the world. It is becoming more and more popular every day, especially because Gen Y and Gen Z are more interested in economic, political, environmental, and social problems in the world. The interest and sensitivity of these issues have also been reflected in marketing and brand communication. In this context, purpose-driven marketing is a marketing perspective and trend that aims to connect brands with their consumers through their brand purpose. The implications of all these in the field of marketing have begun to be seen in Turkey, too. In particular, brands in the dishwashing detergent market have entered a purpose-driven marketing war with each other, so to speak. Finish, Fairy, and Pril have made purpose-driven marketing campaigns in Turkey. So, in this chapter, Water of Tomorrow by Finish, Don't Waste by Fairy, and Together at the Table by Pril campaigns are examined within the scope of purpose-driven marketing as case studies.
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Background Of Dishwashing Detergent Market In Turkey

Before discussing the dishwashing detergent market in Turkey, it would be helpful to share some information about Turkey’s demography that will help understand the dishwashing detergent market better.

The population residing in Turkey consists of 83 million 614 thousand 362 people in 2020, December. While the male population consists of 41 million 915 thousand 985 people, the female population consists of 41 million 698 thousand 377 people. In other words, 50.1% of the total population is men, and 49.9% is women (TÜİK, 2021) (Figure 1).

Figure 1.

Population of Turkey


In addition, as of 2020, there are a total of 24 million 604 thousand 86 houses in Turkey. The average household size in Turkey consists of 3.3 people. In other words, an average of 3.3 people lives in each household in Turkey (TÜİK, 2021) (Figure 2). Therefore, the purpose of dishwashing detergent brands is to enter these households and be preferred and used by at least one of the 3.3 people in these households.

Figure 2.

Quantity of House and Household Size of Turkey


In this context, Turkey is an essential market for dishwashing detergent brands. Considering Turkey’s population and a large number of households, the dishwashing detergent market in Turkey is a big one. Therefore, Turkey has always been an essential market for dishwashing detergent brands.

Today, the dishwashing detergent market in Turkey is growing and expanding day by day. Of course, the increasing sensitivity in hygiene and cleaning issues during the COVID-19 pandemic process significantly impacts this. However, of course, the growing market brings with it increased competition. Therefore, brands are in a tough race to get a share from each other. Before examining this tough competition among dishwashing detergent brands in Turkey, it would be helpful to get to know these brands, which will also be mentioned in this study, and examine their marketing efforts in Turkey and the world.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Me Too Strategy: A brand imitates a marketing element (4P), often successfully implemented by the market leader.

Brand Spokesperson: Mostly a celebrity who works for a brand to promote and represent it.

Brand Positioning: Positioning the brand in a unique place in its target audience's mind. How the brand is positioned in the market determines how its consumers see it and what needs its products meet. Who the brand competes within its category and, finally, how much consumers will pay for its product also depends on its positioning.

Native Ad: An advertising model in which the message that the brand wants to convey is integrated on the platform that the users are interested in and in a way that does not spoil the naturalness of the content. Native advertising generally aims to interact with the user by telling the stories of brands with entertaining content and meeting or confronting the brand in natural ways.

Brand Purpose: The reason a brand exists for the World and consumers.

Purpose-Driven Marketing: The marketing activities reflect the brand purpose to consumers.

Brand Awareness: Remembering, recalling, and defining the existence of a brand in the minds of consumers.

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