Quality-of-Service Based Web Service Composition and Execution Framework

Quality-of-Service Based Web Service Composition and Execution Framework

Bassam Al Shargabi (Al-Isra University, Jordan), Osama Al-haj Hassan (Al-Isra University, Jordan), Alia Sabri (Applied Science University, Jordan) and Asim El Sheikh (Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences, Jordan)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-2157-2.ch005


Software is gradually becoming more built by composing web services to support enterprise applications integration; thus, making the process of composing web services a significant topic. The Quality of Service (QoS) in web service composition plays a crucial role. As such, it is important to guarantee, monitor, and enforce QoS and ability to handle failures during execution. Therefore, an urgent need exists for a dynamic Web Service Composition and Execution (WSCE) framework based on QoS constraints. A WSCE broker is designed to maintain the following function: intelligent web service selection decisions based on local QoS for individual web service or global QoS based selection for composed web services, execution tracking, and adaptation. A QoS certifier controlled by the UDDI registry is proposed to verify the claimed QoS attributes. The authors evaluate the composition plan along with performance time analysis.
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Wsce Framework Architecture

The WSCE framework is a broker-based framework for the dynamic composition of web services. The main motivation of the proposed framework is to build a WSCE broker to make intelligent service selection decisions for composite service which fits with user constraints in his/her web process. The main functions of WSCE broker include:

  • Execution Tracking: WSCE broker has a composition history to record all feasible composition plans of composed services it is aware of, which QoS information of these composition plans are optimal or closer to user constraints.

  • Dynamic Service Selection: This is the key function of WSCE broker, when the WSCE broker selects web services to execute a web process according to the user-defined utility function, and user’s QoS requirements.

  • Dynamic Service Adaptation: In case of individual web service failure during execution of composite service, the WSCE broker either replaces the failed services or replaces the composition plan with an alternative plan.

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