Quantum Computing Based Technique for Cancer Disease Detection System

Quantum Computing Based Technique for Cancer Disease Detection System

Setu Kumar Chaturvedi (Technocrats Institute of Technology, India) and Milan Jain (Technocrats Institute of Technology, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0788-8.ch024
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Barring any cancer prevention breakthroughs, the expansion of the aged population will likely increase number of older individuals diagnosed for cancer in the coming decades. Dimensions of the cancer burden and its devastating manner of challenge ahead are inferred in the context of with aging populations to underscore the possible increase that demographic factors may have on the magnitude of the cancer problem for older persons in the future years. Presently the detection procedure is very time consuming and not accurate, in this respect there is a need of more accurate, fast and efficient method through computing technologies. The present research work incorporates quantum computing with clustering algorithm i.e. Shor's algorithm of quantum computing with hierarchical clustering technique. Here adaptation of Shor's algorithm helps to increase accuracy, and hierarchical clustering technique helps to detect the stages of cancer.
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Cancer Disease

Term Cancer denotes malignant neoplasm, characterized as class of diseases involving uncontrolled cell growth. Lloyd (2012) found that it can harm the human body due to spread (movement) of damage cells in different parts of body with the help of blood stream. Human beings are affected by about 200 different types of known cancers. The cancer is not easy to define as a result the cells grow uncontrollable. Anand et al. (2008) produced that the cancer causes are diverse, various, tough, and only half understood till date. There are many reasons which are responsible for cancer like use of tobacco, alcohol, user diet, some infections, radiation, poor physical activity, lifestyle and environmental pollutants. Vogelstein and Kinzler (2002) worked that source can injured or combine genes along with present genes due to which cells undergoes cancerous mutations. Near about 5–10% cancers find directly for inherited genetic defects. The detection of Cancer disease can be done by numerous ways like presence of some signs and symptoms, screen testing, microscopic examination of a collected tissue sample. There are many possibilities for survival of this disease by its type and the location where the cancer is situated.

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