The Realization of Customer Satisfaction with Technology Integrations

The Realization of Customer Satisfaction with Technology Integrations

Ooi Chien Shing (Sunway University, Malaysia), Seng Kah Phooi (Sunway University, Malaysia) and Ang Li-Minn (Edith Cowan University, Australia)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-4357-4.ch005


This case is about the technology component of integrations in the marketing strategy of U-Globe Organization–a travel service provider organization to assess their customer satisfaction. The general information about the company is firstly provided in organization background. It is then followed by the stage setting which describes the current technology utilization and management practices of the organization. In the case description the customer satisfaction tools that are used by the organization are explained and compared, as well as the management concerns in conducting these customer satisfaction assessment. The limitation or challenges with their current approach in technology related ways to realize the satisfactions are also discussed. At the end of the case, the recommendations and solutions are provided to show the possible ways in solving the existing problems and improving the way of assessing customer satisfaction by integrating the appropriate technology.
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Organization Background

History of the Organization

U-Globe Travel International Ltd. is an international travel services provider with specialization its management system. It was founded by U. Gary Charlwood, who used to work as a tour guide in Europe. The company was established in 1979 in British Columbia, Canada. The first agency was opened in the year of Personal Computer (PC) launched by IBM when most of today’s common technology components did not exist. In the 1980’s the organization started franchising in America and Canada. It then expanded to European countries in the 1990’s and Australia, Asian, African, and Middle eastern countries in the 2000’s.

With the rapid improved communication technology and internet, every industry has been revolutionized. The travel agency experienced its greatest transformation as well and now there is more mobility and freedom for travelers today than ever before. Majorly in western countries, the organization has franchised 750 locations within 30 years.

Type of Organization and Products/Services Provided

As a travel service provider organization, the main target customers are the mid-size enterprise (SME) and any vacation traveler. They comprise locations in more than 60 countries under a famous and reliable brand, common system, and services standards.

The services that provided by the organization can be categorized as follows:

  • Travel Consultation: Based on their professionalism and years of experience in this field, the organization provides the best fares and travel guides to the customers’ business company trips. This service also covers the analysis of the travel expenses and trip arrangements so that customer can have effective cost management.

  • Business Travel Tools: In major business travel planning, status of reservation and fare charged are the most concerned points by customers. The organization offers the service in finding the options and fares which saves customers’ time in searching through website pages or contacting to each destination.

  • Vacation Planning: The companies also provides wide-ranging vacation travel services such as transportations, hotel reservations, cruises, adventure travel, honeymoons and all inclusive package tours. Their professional travel consultants and destination specialists are ready to help customers in choosing the best available options.

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