Relevant Aspects for Test Delivery Systems Evaluation

Relevant Aspects for Test Delivery Systems Evaluation

Salvatore Valenti (University of Ancona, Italy), Alessandro Cucciarelli (University of Ancona, Italy) and Maurizio Panti (University of Ancona, Italy)
Copyright: © 2002 |Pages: 14
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-931777-04-9.ch017


The number of educational institutions seeking solutions to the problems associated with the burden of expanded student numbers is increasing every day. Most solutions to the problems of delivering course content, supporting student learning, and assessment may be found through the use of computers, thanks to the continuous advances of information technology. According to Bull (1999), using computers to perform assessment is more contentious than using them both to deliver content and to support student learning. In many papers, the terms Computer Assisted Assessment (CAA) and Computer Based Assessment (CBA) are often used interchangeably and somewhat inconsistently. The former usually covers all use of computers in assessment, including reporting and marking, such as in optical mark reading. The latter is often restricted to the use of computers for the entire process, including delivery of the assessment and provision of feedback (Charman and Elmes, 1998). In this paper we will adopt the term Computer Based Assessment and we will discuss some issues related to the online assessment of students.

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