Reliability Based Maintenance of Industrial Assets

Reliability Based Maintenance of Industrial Assets

A. Syamsundar (Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, India)
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Most industrial assets today are complex repairable systems. Maintenance decisions on these systems / assets are still made on an empirical basis based on the experience and understanding of the maintenance engineers / managers. This leads to sub-optimal decisions and will lead to inefficient and ineffective maintenance. Reliability is a key attribute of such assets. Reliability centred maintenance as a maintenance philosophy and reliability engineering as an engineering discipline have been well developed over the past several decades. However, these are yet to find a place in maintenance decisions of industrial assets on a regular basis. This chapter deals with how reliability centred maintenance and reliability of repairable systems can be combined together to develop reliability based maintenance of industrial assets in an objective way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of industrial asset maintenance. The methodology is illustrated with a simple case study.
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Industrial Asset, Maintenance, And Reliability

An industrial asset, its reliability and maintenance are presented in this section.

Industrial Asset

Industrial assets considered here are defined in a narrow sense as equipment deployed by the industry to convert inputs to outputs which can be then marketed by the industry as goods or services.

Industries in the fields of mining – minerals, diamonds etc., transportation – space, airlines, bus, railways, shipping, automobiles, trucking etc., manufacturing – automobiles, tools, equipment, instruments, electronics, etc., construction – roads, buildings, stadiums, dams, bridges etc., production – chemicals, metals, pharmaceuticals, petroleum etc. can be considered under the above categories. Equipment used in these industries will fall under the definition of industrial assets considered here.

Industrial assets can be specialised, tailor made for specific operations or general which can be used in multiple industries. Some examples of industrial assets in different types of industries are provided in Table 1. These contain equipment used for specific and general purposes.

Table 1.
Examples of industrial assets
Sl. No.IndustrySome Equipment
1MiningExcavators, loaders, dumpers, draglines, shovels, rigs
2ManufacturingLathes, milling, drilling, boring, shaping machines
3Power PlantGenerators, boilers, turbines, coal handling, transportation and disposal equipment
4Power TransmissionCabling, transmission line towers, transformers
5Iron and Steel IndustryRaw materials handling, coke ovens, sintering machines, pelletising machines, blast furnaces, steel making facilities, casting facilities, rolling facilities
6TransportAircraft, ships, trains, buses, automobiles, bikes, trucks
7DefenceArmour, tanks, battleships, aircraft
8Communication NetworksCables, nodes, hardware, software

Such equipment comprises systems such as mechanical, electrical, structural, civil, electronic, computers, instrumentation, telecommunications etc. A single system can contain sub-systems, assemblies, sub-assemblies and components. A typical example of industrial equipment along with its sub-systems, assemblies and components is given in Table 2.

Table 2.
Industrial equipment electric overhead travelling crane
Sl. No.SystemsSub-SystemsAssemblies/Components
1MechanicalLong Travel AssemblyGearbox, Brake, Drive Wheel Assembly, Non-Drive Wheel Assembly, Floating Shaft Assembly
Cross Travel AssemblyGearbox, Brake, Drive Wheel Assembly, Non-Drive Wheel Assembly, Floating Shaft Assembly
Main Hoist AssemblyDrum Assembly, Brake Assembly, Hook Assembly, Ropes
Auxiliary Hoist AssemblyDrum Assembly, Brake Assembly, Hook Assembly, Ropes
2ElectricalLT Electrics, CT Electrics, MH Electrics, Current Collector AssemblyMotors, Cables, Electrical Panels, Switches
3StructuralLT Girder Assembly, CT Trolley Assembly, MH Platform AssemblyLong Travel Girder, Cross Travel Frame, End Carriage, Balancer Body

This equipment is usually employed for a lifetime and is a complex system which is repairable.

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