Why Responsibility and Information Systems?

Why Responsibility and Information Systems?

Bernd Carsten Stahl (De Montford University, UK)
Copyright: © 2004 |Pages: 18
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-172-8.ch003


In this chapter we want to show why it makes sense to use the concept of responsibility with respect to the business use of information technology. There are three parts to the argument. At first, we will demonstrate that the development of the moral idea of responsibility is closely linked to modern developments in our societies. Many of these developments have to do with technology and information technology being the latest step in this direction. We will then continue to show that there are several structural similarities between responsibility and business on the one hand and information technology on the other hand. In a last step we will show that this theoretical setting is fruitful because it can rely on a rich background of ethical theories from different fields and perspectives. Before we can do so, however, the next step will have to be a first analysis of the term “responsibility.”

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