Revised Attributes

Revised Attributes

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This chapter is conducted with the intention to investigate the relevancy of the attributes to the five constructs of the model. The discussion in this section is basing on the information and the key findings according to the content of these interviews six pilot studies and the open question' respondents collected from 395 questionnaires survey and other government and Industry Association documents. The revised attributes of trust is based on contractual trust, competence trust, goodwill trust and benevolence. Relationship management, learning capability, communication capability and innovation capability are selected as the main attributes of the organizational capacities in relation to inter-organizational collaboration. The five typical attributes in the DOI theory are selected for measuring e-business diffusion, which are: relative advantage, complexity, trialability and observability. Organizational effectiveness, product and service measure, financial measures, market measure and customer satisfaction measure are mainly perceived as business performance measures.
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The Importance Of Trust In The Electrical Industry

As mentioned by Mr. Wu from DG, ‘a good relationship is very important, and in many times, we will invite some trade partners participate on the discussion of new product series. They always bring constructive comments and sound advice.’

From a good relationship with domestic and international trade partners, all of these six electrical organizations actively take advantage of the opportunity presented by the fast development of the global economy and the seeking of new economical growth points. In this case, it implied that the need to maintain sound goodwill and reputation is vital in this industry cluster, as shown in Table 1 (Brief description of the cases and collaboration situation) in Cheater 7. The six electrical organizations stated that they have a high level of goodwill to their partners— not only the large manufacturers but also the small and medium firms. As cited by Mr. Wu, ‘the trademark of DG is evaluated as China National Well-known Trademark supports goodwill and trusted image in the market expansion’.

Table 1.
Important trust dimensions of each organization
Organization NameContractualCompetenceGoodwillBenevolenceFriendlinessReliabilityPredictabilityDependabilityCustomer OrientedAbilityIntegrity

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