Risk Factors, Health, Education, and Poverty: Can ICTs Help1?

Risk Factors, Health, Education, and Poverty: Can ICTs Help1?

DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-3643-9.ch012


Other complicating and risk factors are introduced to show the extent of interdependencies between health and education. The situation of women and children, besides the series of risks and uncertainties faced, impose more advanced coordination schemes. Accounting for these risks can ensure good conditions for the use of different ICT components. New means and strategies for mobilizing ICTs2 either for databases or software tools and empirical analyses are also important when considering the process of accounting for interdependencies. However, the enhancement of literacy in each economy appears to be conditioning the success of Internet penetration.
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Sources Of Risks And Interdependencies

Series of issues are discussed in relation to their importance in shaping the social performance and affecting the interdependencies between health, education, and economic factors. Different sources of risks and uncertainties could affect the social performance at local, national, and regional levels. The major sources discussed here include the likely effects of global climatic changes, the impacts of international economic crises, risks related to specific sectors besides all endogenous risks inherent to individuals and groups. The objective behind addressing these issues is to underline the most important social features that may generate complex effects on social performance when these factors are not emphasized in local and national social policies.

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