School Counselors' Use of a Multitier System of Support to Foster Safe School Experiences and Respond to School Violence

School Counselors' Use of a Multitier System of Support to Foster Safe School Experiences and Respond to School Violence

George Padilla, Clarissa Salinas, Javier Cavazos Vela, James F. Whittenberg
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7319-8.ch015
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In this chapter, the authors introduce and identify current issues, controversies and problems that influence school safety and counselor preparedness. A brief overview of school violence in America, counselors' training to deal with school violence, and factors that influence school violence are provided. Following this, the authors present a multitier system of supports (MTSS) as a recommended model for counselors to (1) prevent, (2) prepare and plan, (3) respond, and (4) lead recovery efforts as related to school violence. Finally, a case study is presented in which the authors apply best practices within the American Counselor Association's national framework to handle a crisis.
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Σχηοολ ϖιολενχε χαν βε χονχεπτυαλιζεδ ιν διϕϕερεντ ωαψσ: ψουτη ϖιολενχε, ρανδομ σχηοολ ϖιολενχε, ταργετεδ σχηοολ ϖιολενχε, σχηοολ σηοοτινγσ, σχηοολ τερρορισμ, σχηοολ μασσ σηοοτινγσ, χομπλετεδ σχηοολ ϖιολενχε, αϖερτεδ σχηοολ ϖιολενχε, σχηοολ ηομιχιδε, σχηοολ συιχιδε, ανδ σχηοολ σεξυαλ ασσαυλτ (Ηενρψ, 2000). Μορε ρεχεντλψ, σχηοολ ϖιολενχε ηασ βεεν δεαδλψ: Παρκλανδ, Φλοριδα, ωιτη 17 κιλλεδ ανδ 17 ινφυρεδ; Χολυμβινε Ηιγη Σχηοολ ωιτη 15 κιλλεδ ανδ 21 ινφυρεδ, ανδ Σανδψ Ηοοκ Ελεμενταρψ ιν Νεωτοων, Χοννεχτιχυτ, ωιτη 28 τοταλ δεατησ□20 χηιλδρεν (Σχηοολ Σηοοτινγσ βψ Στατε Ποπυλατιον, 2020). Βεχαυσε οϕ τηεσε τραγιχ ινχιδεντσ ιν ρεχεντ τιμεσ, Αγνιχη (2015) εμπηασιζεδ ρισινγ ϕεαρ αμονγ παρεντσ, στυδεντσ, ανδ τεαχηερσ. Ωηεν οϖερ 50 περχεντ οϕ τηε Υ.Σ. ποπυλατιον ισ χοννεχτεδ το α σχηοολ (Ωονγ, ν.δ.), τηε ρισε ιν ϕεαρ ανδ ανξιετψ αμονγ στυδεντσ ανδ αλλ σχηοολ περσοννελ ισ α χριτιχαλ ισσυε τηατ χουνσελορσ νεεδ το αδδρεσσ.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Psychological First Aid: An evidence-informed approach that can help children and adolescents reduce distress from traumatic events.

School Climate: The quality of school life based on perceptions of teaching and learning practices, interpersonal relationships, and school structures.

Needs Assessment: A strategy to learn about individuals’ beliefs, attitudes, or feelings related to a specific idea.

Multitier System of Supports (MTSS): A model to create efforts in prevention, preparedness and planning, response, and recovery regarding school violence.

Multidisciplinary Threat Assessment Team (MTAT): A group of individuals to identify students who are at risk for violence and to implement strategies to reduce violence.

Trauma-Informed Care Interventions: An intervention to support children with trauma from an injury or illness.

Positive Psychology: The scientific study of positive events and emotions.

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