Security and Privacy Issues in IoT: A Platform for Fog Computing

Security and Privacy Issues in IoT: A Platform for Fog Computing

S. R. Mani Sekhar (Ramaiah Institute of Technology, India), Sharmitha S. Bysani (Ramaiah Institute of Technology, India) and Vasireddy Prabha Kiranmai (Ramaiah Institute of Technology, India)
Copyright: © 2019 |Pages: 28
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-6070-8.ch007
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Security and privacy issues are the challenging areas in the field of internet of things (IoT) and fog computing. IoT and fog has become an involving technology allowing major changes in the field of information systems and communication systems. This chapter provides the introduction of IoT and fog technology with a brief explanation of how fog is overcoming the challenges of cloud computing. Thereafter, the authors discuss the different security and privacy issues and its related solutions. Furthermore, they present six different case studies which will help the reader to understand the platform of IoT in fog.
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How Is Iot Linked With Fog?

The Internet of things is developing gradually and is leaving a mark in almost all domains. High-speed data processing, analytics and with less response times has become mandatory in all applications and software’s and it is turning out to be a tough task to meet these requirements in the current centralized cloud computing technique used by the present IoT systems. Organizations storing large amounts of data on the cloud find it difficult to cope with the swift changes in the cloud technologies, making them dependent on the service providers. Security, Privacy and Complexity in building their private cloud still seems challenging for the Cloud Computing Sector (Lebied, 2017).

Key Terms in this Chapter

Privacy: Various techniques used to protect private data.

Fog Computing: Infrastructure in which storage and computing is distributed between cloud and data source.

Cloud Computing: Network of servers hosted over the internet to store and process data.

Smart Meter: Electrical device which records electricity usage over various intervals.

IoT: Network of physical devices that can connect and exchange data.

Security: Protection of data from threats and damage.

Web Optimization: Knowledge about increasing web performance.

ECG Extraction: Technique to monitor the performance of human heart.

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