Security, Anonymity, and Privacy

Security, Anonymity, and Privacy

Joseph Kizza (The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, USA) and Florence Migga Kizza (The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, USA)
Copyright: © 2008 |Pages: 24
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-379-1.ch004


All recent social, economic, and technological advances can be attributed to the dramatic advances in availability of information and the ability to access it easily and quickly. The increasing demand for information has driven the need for easier access to it. This almost obsessive demand for information together with the abundance of it on almost any topic have created privacy and security challenges. The value of information in our information-driven economies has made it into a valuable commodity so that having it means having superior intellectual, economic, and social status. It has become a vital resource in this information age. Along with it, we have to face the security and privacy challenges it has created.

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