Self-Maintained Health Surveillance Artificial Intelligence Assistant

Self-Maintained Health Surveillance Artificial Intelligence Assistant

Helly Yogeshkumar Raval, Satyen M. Parikh, Hiral R. Patel
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8786-7.ch010
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Artificial intelligence assistant is a program and software that can interact with the user in natural language or with voice or in picture format. After the pandemic situation, people are highly worried about their health. People are not usually aware of all medications or symptoms of diseases. Undernutrition can lower immunity, increase the risk of illness, affect physical and mental growth, and decrease productivity. Issues of this kind may be resolved by providing suitable advice on healthy living with medical chatbots. Chatbots may be used to calorie count, check the quantity of water a person has taken, monitor the schedule of sleep, and maintain training records. They might offer various healthy meal recipes, remind individuals of taking medication, or advise a doctor. Finally, chatbots are able to provide inspiring and motivating phrases to increase self-esteem and attitude.
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Chatbots in Medical Sector

A chatbot is an application built with a machine learning algorithm to encourage and interact with the user for providing them real-time support by integrating natural language processing (NLP).

In retail, news, social media, the bank, customer service, chatbots also have acquired popularity. Many individuals talk to chatbots without even knowing a day on their cell phones. Chatbots helps in improving the way people live, from getting up to sports news to browsing bank applications, to playing Facebook Message conversation-based activities.

Health insurers, suppliers, and healthcare professionals, including nursing doctors, also started using these intelligence solutions to streamline patient care and save needless expenditures. Whenever a patient talks to a physician who seems human but is an intelligent chat machine behind, a health chat is making progress in healthcare services.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Artificial Intelligence Assistant (AI Assistant): AI Assistant is a virtual assistant which is built using Natural Language Processing.

IoT (Internet of Things): It is a device that is integrated by a sensor used to transfer data from an application or software to the server.

ChatBot: A chatbot is computer software for artificial intelligence that communicates via voice and video.

LSTM (Long Short-Term Memory): A machine learning algorithm that worked recurrently and in a sequential manner and was used to predict future data.

Pandemic: A situation when the disease is spread all over the world and it is complex to manage.

NLP: NLP is the submodule of language and Artificial Intelligence. NLP is a mediator which processes between the machine and natural language.

Smart Wearable: A technology advancement that can be in the form of electronics accessories like a watch, tattoo, belt, cloth, and many more. It monitors the user's activity, records the data, and sends it to the linked device.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Artificial Intelligence is the perceptron that acts and thinks like the human way and has the ability to function when programmed.

Sensor: It is a system which is used to identify activities or change or actions performed in the given environment.

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