Social Media and Business: In Search of Missing Links

Social Media and Business: In Search of Missing Links

Saurabh Gupta (Banaras Hindu University, India), Anurag Singh (Banaras Hindu University, India) and Punita Duhan (Meera Bai Institute of Technology, India)
Copyright: © 2018 |Pages: 10
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-3929-2.ch013


The influence of social media on the various facets of society has attracted a lot of attention of the researchers in the last few years who are probing its multifaceted impact. One important aspect of social media is its role in promoting instant gratification. It has far reaching consequences for evolution of self, which in turn has important implications for society and businesses. Drawing from the conceptual foundations of the theories of identity and social comparison, the researchers tried to develop a model as to how the dual role of social media acts to alter the identity and hence behavior. In this context, the significance of the study lies in exposing the intricate interplay between the attributes of social media and the dynamic self. The study goes a long way in providing a deeper understanding of self-concept in connection to social media, which has immense importance for consumer behavior and can help businesses to fine-tune their strategies with the changing consumer psychology.
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Background And Approach

Social Media these days have intruded into the life of more than billion people over the globe and for youth it has become a vital tool for connecting and sharing information. People share thoughts, feelings, pictures, accomplishments etc. with their friends and families through social media. By engaging in such behavior, they not only satisfy their social need but also question their identity and self. When reinforced by the growing individualism and instant gratification it has far-reaching consequences. This has not only implications for the development and evolution of self but has certain sociological and psychological notions of the need relevant for the business as well. How this social media shapes the self and what ramifications it is likely to have for the businesses in the coming time remains terra incognita among researchers and hence the motivation for this study.

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