Social Media and Increased Venture Creation Tendency With Innovative Ideas: The Case of Female Students in Asia

Social Media and Increased Venture Creation Tendency With Innovative Ideas: The Case of Female Students in Asia

Syed Far Abid Hossain, Xu Shan, Mohammad Musa, Preethu Rahman
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-0357-7.ch011
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The purpose of this chapter is to ascertain the contemporary role of social media in increased venture creation tendency along with innovative ideas. The key objective of this study is to discover the tendency of female students' innovativeness in venture creation in China. A random sampling method was used to conduct a survey in different universities in China to identify the scenario of innovativeness in venture creation. Findings from primary data collection indicated that the female students in China are highly involved with social media marketing with innovative ideas. As a result, apart from traditional marketing, society is involved with contemporary marketing where innovativeness with social media and smartphones are the key factors. Innovative ideas in venture creation may generate additional earning for people with low income in society. Future studies with mixed methodology and respondents who use different social media as a tool to innovate new venture may shed light on the undiscovered phenomenon of social media marketing in the context of the mobile phone.
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Background Of The Study

Social media and venture creation have a strong relationship. Social media helps to create new ventures. The venture creation phenomenon heavily influenced by the social media and media industries as long as they, in their very nature, fall into the culture and creativity-related businesses. The crucial distinctiveness of the venture creation activities such as creation, innovation, and original ways of thinking are critical in making business success. “Media particularly social media also plays an important role in influencing the venture creation phenomenon, by making a talk that transmits qualities and pictures credited to venture creation, by giving a transporter advancing innovative practices, and by empowering a pioneering soul in the society. Through these methods, media and venture creation have a reciprocal impact” (Khajeheian, 2013). The qualities of the social media items are particularly adjusted to the elements of the pioneering procedure, for example, self-sufficiency, ingenuity, hazard taking, star liveliness, and focused forcefulness. These measurements speak to the enterprising introduction of the firm, which can be characterized as the processes, practices, and decision-making activities that lead firms to choose to enter another market or dispatch another product. Media and companies are urged to be particularly risk-taking and innovative. The entrepreneurial approach they have to develop is without a doubt extremely important (Hang & VanWeezle, 2007). The goal of social media in venture creation must be to build a bridge between the general discipline of venture creation and the specificities of the media industry and social media (Achtenhagen, 2008).

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