Social Responsibility of Healthcare Organizations and the Role of the Nurse

Social Responsibility of Healthcare Organizations and the Role of the Nurse

Katiuska Lidice Reynaldos Grandón, Lissette Alejandra Avilés Reinoso
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5490-5.ch021
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Exploring the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) implies a must for holistic and regulatory approaches to business ethics. Professionals, executives and employees must demonstrate ethical-based behavior in healthcare. So, the first commitment of the nurse must be caring patients, as without caring them, nurses lose their professional identity. As a result, universities should support the teaching of ethics, while stimulating CSR and values derived from practical training. Experience shows that the methodology of “service learning” seeks to promote the committed participation of students in the teaching-learning process, while delivering a quality service to the community. Correctly inserted into an experience-based pedagogical frame, ethics strengthens critical thinking, problem solving, and encourages solidarity.
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Delving into the concept of corporate social responsibility currently involves a step required by the regulatory and holistic approaches of business ethics. It is true that the speech of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been addressed since the 1990s and has been emphasized by different disciplines, including business economics, business management and administration, sociology of labor relations, and communications and advertising, to mention some of the most active in the subject (Gonzalez, 2007). But all of them end up resorting to business ethics to resolve questions relating to the nature of the business, the reasons to manage with responsibility guidelines about what their company should be and why it must adopt rigorous approaches of responsibility in their business relations and the main core of their business (core business) (Gonzalez, 2007).

Understanding nursing as a social practice means to surpass its technical-operational dimensions proceeding from the direct application of biotechnology-related knowledge and to consider it as one of the many practices of society, with which it shares the responsibility for health (Campos, 2007). The aim focus of the chapter is development through of concept corporate social responsibility in nursing education, therefore show the methodology of service-learning apply in an institution of higher education in nursing of Chile.

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