Specification of an Adaptable and Inclusive E-Learning Support System

Specification of an Adaptable and Inclusive E-Learning Support System

Steve Green
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61692-789-9.ch010
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The chapter outlines the problems associated with inclusive e-learning and the role that user profiles and an adaptation service can have to support personalization. The chapter introduces the idea of an Adaptable Personal Learning Environment (APLE) and looks at how one component, the Transformation, Augmentation and Substitution Service (TASS), can be formally specified using Prolog. The compliance with a range of standards is identified: in particular the IMS ACCLIP and ACCMD standards for accessible learner profiles and learner object metadata and the AccessForAll proposals. The chapter also considers issues of IMS and SCORM content packaging, learner information profiles and the JISC definitions for a Personal Learning Environment, all within the context of inclusive e-Learning support.
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Inclusive E-Learning Support

This section explores the issues of learning technologies, learning management systems, accessible e-learning content and accessibility guidelines and standards. The aim is to consider what current resources, thinking and standards can be incorporated into our e-learning support model.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Adaptable Personal Learning Environment (APLE): An ‘Adaptable’ PLE which combines the benefits of Adaptable and inclusive VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) with those of a PLE.

Transformation, Augmentation and Substitution Service (TASS): A localized AccessForAll service.

Transformation: An automated replacement learning resource or control.

AccessForAll: Working group and proposals culminating in the IMS ACCMD (Accessibility Metadata) and IMS ACCLIP (Accessible Learner Information Profile) standards.

Adaptation: Any augmentation, substitution or transformation.

Augmentation: An additional alternative equivalent learning resource.

Substitution: A replacement alternative equivalent learning resource.

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