Strategy: Essence of the Sustainable Success of SMEs

Strategy: Essence of the Sustainable Success of SMEs

Javier Ospina&Bermeo
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-3543-0.ch010
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The present chapter is a contribution to the people who currently have problems in the management of their SME or also to any person who has thought about the possibility of launching themselves into the marvelous world of undertaking a project of moderate size in the hope of seeing it Consolidated, without the problems he has heard from others who have failed in the attempt and who say that the worst thing has been to make the leap to the void without some referents to start the dream odyssey. In these pages the theoretical basis and the suggested instruments for the application are found, all this provided from the thought of some colleagues who are knowledgeable about the strategy and of who has prepared and writes with special dedication the present document.
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The Purpose

The purpose is considered as the first key factor of success, because it is what gives a sense to the business of the entrepreneur of SMEs; this is the architect of the business idea to be launched. Then, the purpose will be understood as the justification of those who make the enterprise have the necessary validity not to decline before the first difficulty. It is what motivates, which encourages the entrepreneur to do something. Therefore, it is important to find out what are the reasons that make a person or group of them want to enter into a task rather laborious and absorbing.

The reasons that motivate the entrepreneur to start a SME, must have their origins in the deepest of their interests, this is the combination of reasoning and emotions. The first, referring to the rational part of his being, allows us to know what motivates him from the logic of covering the needs of existence (Alderfer, 1969), seeking to cover in principle those needs that involve his survival and that of his Family, obtaining the monetary resources to cover the needs of housing, food, clothing, safe environment, education and health. At the same time, the entrepreneur experiences the search for personal growth, as well as discover what his contribution to society should be.

In this sense, the personal growth from the labor point of view, can be experienced to the extent that the motivation originates from the high levels of effort that give rise to a high performance and this in turn, leads to the achievement of the expected results (Vroom, 1964). Therefore, it can be affirmed that the expectation that the person has is the perception that a high effort carries a high performance, in addition the person will increase his motivation to the extent that a high Performance transcends in a high result or achieved achievement, finally the valence is the preference or desire of a person to enjoy one or more achievements that come out of the results achieved.

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