Strengthening Quality Initiative for Organization Stability: Insights From Trust in Cyberspace-Based Information Quality

Strengthening Quality Initiative for Organization Stability: Insights From Trust in Cyberspace-Based Information Quality

Miftachul Huda, Mohamad Nabil Almunawar, April Lia Hananto, Budi Rismayadi, Kamarul Azmi Jasmi, Bushrah Basiron, Mohd Ismail Mustari
Copyright: © 2018 |Pages: 30
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5288-8.ch006
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The emerging trends of technology use should be prioritized in enabling the human abilities with the distinct facilities to utilize in improving their capacities in the digital information. Since information technology (IT) could shift the way we look at the world, it would also show some benefit for human communities and thus need to incorporate the number of values such as trust, care, friendship, and cooperative commitment. This case aims to explore the significant essence of the role of trust in the information to assure in building information quality for safe cyberspace. As a result, empowering both professional and ethical basis associated with the instructional strategy and application in the technology will demonstrate how the individuals with all the potential can contribute their significant potential performance in information quality to lead to the organization stability. Proposing the reference model specifically for building information quality, this case will contribute to the outcome that could lead to organizational longevity.
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The main objective of this case is to explore the significant essence of trust in the information in attempting to build information quality to assure the social connection in digital era. By pointing out the professional and ethical engagement in building information quality, this initiative would be an empowering strategy in the application skills which focuses comprehensively on encouraging the organisational personality to have a whole commitment with social awareness to lead the safe cyber space. In order to reach the main objective, there are sub- objectives which need to be addressed:

  • 1.

    To explore the role of trust in the communication for social connection in building information quality in digital era.

  • 2.

    To elucidate the significant essence of technological basis as the core element of enabling the human to enhance such benefits for social and personal development.

  • 3.

    To expand engagement with technology in the society to underlie social and personal awareness among the users towards information quality aspect as the particular element in building the quality initiatives for organizational longevity.

The trends of emerging technology with its particular feature has been widely transmitted in enabling the human activities including social interaction communication, teaching and learning, health service, business orientation and public administration (Anshari & Lim, 2017). This enhancement can be viewed in the stage to ensure the users obtain the benefit with distinct facilities in supporting their acts through generating the improvement basis. In terms of generating the capabilities to transmit this initiative into the organisation scale, the development of information technology (IT) could shift the paradigm of the way in looking at the world in the sense to see the benefit to strengthen human communities for possessing trust, care, friendship and commitment. Being more than human is a part of creating the person to shape the social and epistemic practices with moral experiences (Huda et al, 2017a). As a result, attempts to provide innovative way to help individuals in a good life with evaluating information related to the concept of wisdom need to complement through action-based approaches for value-based agenda. This initiative refers to professional and ethical engagement as the standard agent in the adoption of technological tool to solve such difficulty dealing with complex systems-level issues including the digital divide and globalisation (Spence, 2011; Huda & Teh, 2018; Huda, 2018). It is necessary to explore the significant essence of the role of trust in the information to assure building information quality for safe cyberspace. Since the stability of organisation is dependent on delivering information quality including the basis of trusted sources, elaborating the promotion of continuous stability through working together with organisation members is committed to the flexibility in emphasising information accuracy which could be distributed among the organisation members in the sense that can be exposed through emphasising innovative performance on learning enhancement (Amin et al., 2018; Atmotiyoso and Huda, 2018). As a result, the strength with empowering the initiative in the basis of professional ethics should be managed in obtaining the information quality.

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