Students with Autism in Higher Education

Students with Autism in Higher Education

Salima Y Awad Elzouki (Leeds Metropolitan University, UK), Elizabeth Guest (Leeds Metropolitan University, UK) and Chris Adams (Leeds Metropolitan University, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61350-183-2.ch008

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This chapter discusses the impact that autism might have on students, both academically and socially, while they are at University. This is done via three accounts; a narrative account of student experience and two case studies. The narrative involves a set of scenarios that have been put together from a set of real experiences to illustrate the kinds of issues that students with autism experience. Because individuals on the autistic spectrum vary widely in how they perceive the world, these experiences have been crystallized into two characters, Bob and Sam, who think quite differently from each other but who experience similar difficulties. These scenarios set the scene for the first case study concerning a student with Asperger Syndrome. This case is written by the support worker who supported the student for 40 hours a week for the duration of the student’s course. Finally, we provide another case study of a major UK University, including an interview with the University’s Disability Services Manager (DSM) and a collection of documents and information in relation to students with disability in this University. Finally, based on the above three accounts we conclude with a set of recommendations that we hope will enhance the support of students with autism in HE. All names used in the chapter, including the University name, are anonymous, for ethical reasons.

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