Study of the Automatic Evaluation of Website Quality from Customer Insight: A Case Study of the Most Visited News Websites as Influential Social Media Tool

Study of the Automatic Evaluation of Website Quality from Customer Insight: A Case Study of the Most Visited News Websites as Influential Social Media Tool

Molood Arman (University of Tehran, Iran), Hassan Hajipoor (University of Tehran, Iran) and Babak Sohrabi (University of Tehran, Iran)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8586-4.ch010
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Effectiveness of websites is largely dependent on the quality of the website. The biggest share of the quality`s new concept is that the technical aspects of products and services combines with customers usage and understanding. Therefore websites evaluation based on the maximum usage and perception of the customers is considered an important issue to announce to the related organizations the success of website from customers' views. This customer relationship need a kind of management that first step of that for future decision needs knowledge about the websites features, customer insight and the position of websites among the competitors. One of the available media is the online news websites which their success is highly dependent on the relationship of their users. In this article achieving the information of websites is automatic and without the intervention of human so that the instant evaluation could be possible and used method is TOPSIS combined with information entropy to rank 791 news website which have most visitors of the Iranian users based on Alexa ranking report.
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With the rise of internet and its common use in Iran in the early seventies, some of the existing businesses have dramatically changed in nature. One of these businesses was news agencies which formerly had broadcasted their news as a telex to the offices of the newspapers and audio- visual media to be provided to general audience. But gradually with setting up websites they could be able to get users independently and their relationship become without intermediaries and directly. Even with the widespread use of the Internet in world, some of the newspapers and magazines has shut down the printing of their paper copies and distribute their news only via internet. Even newspapers that have retained their printed users have created websites to provide news for their users. The changing nature of the news agencies business can be described as today`s news agencies have become audience themselves alongside their authority role and producing the mother content of other public media, and their influence factors have increased. Based on this information the news organizations and agencies focus their efforts directly on serving better to their target customers in order to provide accurate services based on important information (Ulcina & Lafonte 2000, Peppers 2001).

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a general approach to management which is focused on increasing the relationship with customers enabled by IT (Brown 2000, Coningham 2002, Buttle 2004, and Silva & Batista 2007). Customer relationship management can collect and analyze information to produce a vision and insight toward customer behavior and predict their future needs (Silva & Batista 2007). Strategic customer relationship management is focused on developing customer-focused culture. This Culture committed to entice and keep customers by creating and assigning its values better than others. This culture reflects in leadership behaviors, organization's official planning systems and stories associated with the organization.(Richards & Jones, 2008). Then, one of the simplest steps to create this kind of strategic CRM in organization is increasing the quality of customer services more than other competitors and they should know their position on this issue than any other competitor.

The largest share of the new quality concept is that the technical aspects of products and services combine with customers and their perception. Therefore website evaluation is considered important based on the most usage and perception of customers to announce the success of a website from the client's perspective to the relevant agencies (Leonidio & et al., 2011).

To evaluate the quality of websites from customer perspective the aspects that customers are facing gets important, such as the website design, presentation and the times when international evaluation of the website can be influenced by observing the Website. That is why it is recommended that organizations pay attention to the design; website loading time, convenient accessibility, business plan and tasks that they must address them in their website, so that the customer does not get discouraged from the website and eventually the total website view and global prevalence of website does not decrease.

Thus many technical aspects related to website is directly related to user satisfaction and perception of website, this evaluation based on the properties can affect customer decision making as his first visit to website and also may lead to website survival (Leonidio & et al., 2011). According to this matter in the article we were after ranking the news agencies and news websites which have the most Iranian users in internet (based on Alexa statistics) and with regard to the criteria mentioned below.

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