Supporting the Reflective Language Learner with Computer Keystroke Logging

Supporting the Reflective Language Learner with Computer Keystroke Logging

Eva Lindgren (Umeå University, Sweden), Marie Stevenson (The University of Sydney, Australia) and Kirk P.H. Sullivan (Umeå University, Sweden)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-895-6.ch011
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In this chapter an instructional format, Peer-Based Intervention (PBI) using computer keystroke logging is investigated as a computer technology to enhance language acquisition. In PBI, a process-oriented approach is taken, in which noticing, reflection and language awareness are central concepts of language learning. The method aims to promote learning through individualized reflection and social interaction. A retrospective focus on the evolution of a foreign language text is used as a basis for reflection and discussion. This period of reflection and discussion opens up paths for both individual and peer-based noticing and learning.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Language Awareness: Explicit knowledge about language, and conscious perception and sensitivity in language learning and language use.

Peer-Based Intervention: Reflection on and discussion of one’s own and a peer’s writing, drawing, design etc. processes

Keystroke Log-File: The file that contains each keystroke action along with its time of occurrence. It is the information contained in the keystroke log that makes it possible to replay the writing process exactly as it occurred, and to analyse an individual’s writing process.

Learner Autonomy: The learner takes responsibility for their own learning and works creatively in collaboration with teachers, tutors and other students. The autonomous learner critically reflects on their experiences, creates their own ideas and challenges existing theories.

Reflective Learner: Someone who focuses on their patterns, habits, and preferences as a learner, learns what works well for them and develops strategies for addressing or overcoming the parts of writing or analyzing literature that frustrate or puzzle them by listening, observing and sharing ideas.

Keystroke Logging: A piece of software that captures to a log-file every keystroke, mouse movement, cut and paste action made in a particular word processing environment.

Stimulated Recall: The replaying of the writing process to the writer to stimulate them to remember how they thought when writing the text.

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