Sustainable Development Model and Innovation of Mineral Resources

Sustainable Development Model and Innovation of Mineral Resources

Song Jiang
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Mineral resources are important material resources for the development of national economy, but the long-term linear and extensive mining mode leads to low exploitation and utilization of resources and serious waste of resources on the one hand; on the other hand, the environment of mining areas is deteriorating, and safety problems are prominent. Correctly handling the relationship between mineral resources, environment, and economic development has become the main problem of sustainable development of mineral enterprises. There are still some problems in the mine. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to explore the construction path model of green mine under the background of the new era. Based on the coordinated development of resources, environment, and regional economy, this chapter studies the green mine construction mode by using the knowledge of resource economics, mining science, and sustainable development theory, combining theory with empirical analysis and qualitative and quantitative analysis.
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Mineral resources are the material basis for economic development and play a very important role in the development of China's economy. However, according to the current situation in China, there are many problems in the process of resource development and utilization in China. Nowadays, China is in the stage of rapid development of science and technology. In order to implement the concept of sustainable development, China is adopting high-tech technology to continuously transform resources to reduce unnecessary losses(Drielsma,2016).Previously, China's mining resources mining technology is still at a low level, and the level of productivity is not high, which has caused the efficiency of mining mineral resources in China to be particularly low, making China a serious waste of mineral resources for a long time(Zhang,2017). To this end, China is striving to find efficient mining models and environmentally friendly mine management utilization models in response to the concept of sustainable development(Lei,2016). The work of Niekerk (2015) has been used by many professors to focus on how to inject the concept of sustainable development into the innovation of the mine management model. For the time being, China is still in a period of shortage of resources and energy, and the problem of endless exploitation and waste of mineral resources is also beginning to emerge. In order to meet the growing demand for minerals with the development of society, miners can only dig a large amount of mineral resources continuously, but because the mining technology adopted in China is still in a relatively backward stage, resulting in a large amount of waste, so that China can not continue A large number of mining can not meet the dilemma of development needs. At this time, The authors of Rossi (2012), Moosavi (2015) and Wang(2016) discuss in their research the world is holding high the banner of sustainable development of resources, and mining companies are thus aware that the old mine management model and backward mining technology can no longer meet the current development needs, and innovation management is imminent. Therefore, enterprises should implement the concept of sustainable development in the improvement of mining technology and the innovation of mine management mode, and take an environmentally friendly resource utilization road.

At present, China has discovered more than 160 kinds of minerals, and it has almost all the minerals in the world. Among them, there are more than 140 kinds of proven reserves, which are far ahead in the world's mineral resources. However, China has a large population base and a small per capita possession, and there are many problems in the development and utilization of mineral resources, resulting in a shortage of resources due to the consumption of a large amount of mineral resources. The shortage of resources and environmental pollution have seriously affected the sustainable development of human society, and the contradiction between the exploitation and utilization of mineral resources and sustainable economic development has become increasingly prominent(Liu, 2016). Moreover, China has the goal of “building a well-off society in an all-round way”. In order to achieve this goal, China cannot rely too much on the inherent way of developing economic resources by consuming mineral resources. We should implement the scientific development concept, change the economic development mode according to China's national conditions, and follow the new industrialization road of China to meet the major challenges of sustainable development of natural resources and economy.

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