Sustainable Enterprise Excellence

Sustainable Enterprise Excellence

Rick Edgeman (Aarhus University, Denmark) and Jacob Eskildsen (Aarhus University, Denmark)
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Sustainable Enterprise Excellence

Sustainable Enterprise Excellence (SEE) is defined as:

Key Terms in this Chapter

Innovation for Sustainability: Innovation that is explicitly targeted to positively address societal and/or environmental considerations.

SWOT Plot: A narrative description of enterprise strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats relative to an issue of relevance.

Springboard: An intentionally simple approach to assessment that provides enterprise feedback and foresight.

NEWS Compass: A RADAR chart based on four assessment areas that delivers both enterprise feedback and foresight. The NEWS Compass is part of the Springboard NEWS Report.

Triple Bottom Line: Organizational performance orientation emphasizing sustainable results in the 3P areas of people (social responsibility), planet (environmental results), and profit (business results).

Maturity Index: A measurement or assessment scale that indicates the degree of progress made by an enterprise with respect to the issue or element the scale is intended to address.

Dashboard: A collection of NEWS Compasses or SWOT Plots that in combination provide comprehensive feedback and foresight relative to Sustainable Enterprise Excellence.

Social-Ecological Innovation: Strategic integration of sustainable innovation and innovation for sustainability.

Sustainable Innovation: An enterprise culture characteristic wherein innovation is regular, systematic, and systemic to enterprise strategy, activities, and results.

Triple Top Line: Organizational strategy and design thrust emphasizing the 3E elements of equity (social fairness), ecology (environmental preservation and improvement), and economy (enhanced prosperity).

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