Systems Thinking and the Internet: New Thinking for a New Era

Systems Thinking and the Internet: New Thinking for a New Era

Kambiz E. Maani (University of Auckland, New Zealand)
Copyright: © 2002 |Pages: 14
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-930708-21-1.ch009
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In the past decade two movements have had a profound influence on the way we think and communicate–Systems Thinking and the Internet. Both are grounded in sciences and technology and complement each other in principle and practice. But the similarities almost end here. While one has become a household name, the other still remains a mystery. The Internet was born in the elite military and academic quarters, but has rapidly moved to public neighborhoods and has already become a mass movement. Systems Thinking also originated from scientific circles and is only now beginning to make a public appearance. Despite their benign appearances, both Systems Thinking and the Internet challenge mankind’s age-old ways to think and disseminate information. At a fundamental level, they challenge the hierarchy and authority, and power and leadership. Through technology, the Internet has, in essence, brought down the boundaries that define business, trade and even nationhood. Through equally powerful scientific principles, Systems Thinking has broken the superficial dichotomies of the whole vs. the part, the individual vs. the community, integration and autonomy, and business and society.

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