Target State for Defense Information Enterprise

Target State for Defense Information Enterprise

Supriya Ghosh (Arcadia Concepts, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-854-3.ch005


As the first chapter on transformational perspectives, this chapter provides you how the DoD and the military are moving toward a target state for the enterprise. The defense information enterprise has a particular set of goals and mission needs that stem from the overall defense transformation. A guest author perspective provides a unique window to the activity. The vision and mission of the business transformation has been stated, along with providing a proper definition of the defense information enterprise. A pictorial depiction of the reference model for the enterprise is then presented, and each element is further described. We provide a transformation perspective on the DoD information enterprise. We then discuss enterprise as it relates to a set of net-centric goals. These net-centric goals branch into a set of priorities that include data and services deployment, secured availability, communications infrastructure readiness, communications readiness and NetOps agility. As we discuss Net Centricity and the ongoing net-centric transformation, we plan to provide perspectives as to how this mindset is affecting our military and civilian enterprise. The first section of this book provided an in-depth understanding of the concept of Net Centricity and defined important concepts such as information interoperability. In this chapter we discuss the Defense Information Enterprise since this provides a tangible product of the DoD transformation activities. The idea is to define the target state of the Defense Enterprise – what are its basic tenets, and how it leads to a greater level of Net Centricity. Based on our earlier discussion on today’s information enterprise and the various information forms and the decision making capabilities, we now branch into how this is configured for our nation’s defense. We also provide a guest author perspective on the transformation and the defense information enterprise.
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As you explore Chapter 5, it will cover the following topics:

  • Viewpoint on Managing Tomorrow’s Information

  • Transforming to the DoD Target State

  • DoD Business Transformation Activities

  • Defining the Defense Information Enterprise

  • Reference Model for DoD Information Enterprise

  • Net-Centric Transformation Goals

  • Defense Information Enterprise Priorities


Viewpoint On Managing Tomorrow’S Information

Let’s start by recognizing the information revolution that has been happening in the past several decades. In developing a perspective on managing tomorrow’s information, we have to recognize the characterizations of today’s information enterprise that we discussed in the previous chapter. Here are a set of actions that we are deriving for the upcoming future that abide by net-centric principles:

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