Technologies Used to Understand Consumer's Behavior

Technologies Used to Understand Consumer's Behavior

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Neuromarketing comprises neuroscience, biometrics, and facial recognition for marketing purposes, and currently the main technology is EEG, fMRI and eye-tracking. However, these technologies don't ensure the scalability and portability required to Neuromarketing as stated in chapter 2. This way, other type of technology is emerging in order to overcome these needs. This chapter reviews the Neuromarketing technology (Hosseini, 2017). This chapter gives an overview and focused on the fields of brain technology (Fogoros, 1991), including biometric, and the ability to use brain responses to ascertain how consumer evaluate marketing stimuli.
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Neuromarketing Technologies

Neuromarketing uses state-of-art technology, to enable achieving the goal of applying Neuromarketing in the field. Technologies enable techniques such as: EEG, GSR, facial recognition, fMRI, eye tracking, among others. Furthermore, specific tools and metrics are gathered from the technology that can provide measures of consumer emotions (Sousa & Gaspar, Emotion, Brain, feelings, Insights: How We See You?, 2015).

Table 1.
Neuromarketing technology
ElectroencephalographyEEG/SSTElectric fields from the surface of the brain/ Changes in steady state visually evoked potentials.
Eye-TrackingETCorneal reflectivity
Facial RecognitionFACSAction units of facial muscle activity
Functional Magnetic Resonance ImagingfMRIBlood oxygenation level, using medical imaging
Heart RateHRElectrical pulse transduction emanating from the heart
Implicit Association TestsIATBehavioral response
Magnetic Resonance ImagingMRIChange in energy state of hydrogen molecules in the brain, using medical imaging
MotionAccelerometers applied to central or peripheral points on the body
Respiratory RateRRChanges in breathing patterns
Skin Conductance/Galvanic Skin ResponseEDA/SCR/GSRElectrical conductance of the skin controlled by autonomic nervous system
Voice Pitch AnalysisVPAVocal cord vibration
MagnetoencephalographyMEGChanges in magnetic fields associated with neuronal activity

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