Technology Engineering for NPD Acceleration: Evidences from the Product Design

Technology Engineering for NPD Acceleration: Evidences from the Product Design

Nouha Taifi (University of Salento, Italy), Eliana Campi (University of Salento, Italy), Valerio Cisternino (University of Salento, Italy), Antonio Zilli (University of Salento, Italy), Angelo Corallo (University of Salento, Italy) and Giuseppina Passiante (University of Salento, Italy)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61520-921-7.ch008


In complex environments, firms adopt continuously new IT-based systems and tools for knowledge management, otherwise knowledge can be dispersed or lost. And as a part of the new product development process, the product design is one of the most crucial phases for the relevance of its data and information and for the importance of the new knowledge creation of its designers and engineers. This chapter argues, through a conceptual model, the strategic role of the integration of knowledge management systems and special communities for the acceleration of the new product development process and presents an ontology-based knowledge management system and its application in the context of a community of automotive designers. More precisely, the issue management, based on this engineered IT-system, will accelerate and optimize the product design phase and knowledge sharing among the designers and engineers.
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Knowledge Management Systems

Organizations and firms are urged to accelerate the new product development (NPD) process that is the enabler to their success on the markets (Cooper, 1994). For that, the strategic element is knowledge (Grant, 1996) that is the basis for the exploitation and exploration (March, 1991) of the firms’ resources for value creation and high economic performance (Nonaka, 1991; Davenport & Grover, 2001). Thus, organizational knowledge needs to be managed and leveraged. Knowledge management is critical to the firms’ success (Wiig, 1995) and in the actual digital era, new forms of systems for knowledge management are born focusing on the creation, gathering, organization and dissemination of the organizational knowledge (Alavi and Leidner, 2001).

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