Technology in Child's Right to Self-Development

Technology in Child's Right to Self-Development

Afshan Syed Mahmood, Sajid Umair, Muhammad Yousaf Shah
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-6939-8.ch011
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As the world is changing fast with the ever-growing science and technology, many raise their eyebrows in concern over the deterioration that has hit the natural environment around. However, there are many scientists who are sincerely using their technological expertise to help the humanity in all positive ways. One such effort happens to be the various software that have fast emerged in the form of educational games, packages of short moral stories and fables, and rhymes for kids, fully caring for the kids' right to education and personal development. The chapter discusses a couple of such programs, available free and/or paid.
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Timpy Abc Train: Train Game For Preschoolers

This single short game gives the player a wonderful panoramic view of letters and objects, beginning with those letters. As you tap on the start button, a cool, lovely green valley shows up through which a steam-powered railway engine is ready to take you along. A click on the image of a similar engine on the right corner of the screen, starts the small train. Chugging and puffing the steam all along its way, the train halts at every letter and the object with the same initial—both appear in gorgeous colors and graphics. At each stop, the train waits for your click to resume its journey ahead, giving you time to relish the view.

Figure 1 below illustrates the home page where a click on start button kicks off the train journey:

Figure 1.

An image of the home page (Touchzing Media Apps Store, 2017)


Figure 2 below presents a scene of the train journey:

Figure 2.

An image of the train journey (Touchzing Media Apps Store, 2017)


Beginning to end it is a fun-filled learning tour which feasts kids with the sights and sounds of the train journey through magical lettered track. It has been designed by Touchzing Media for preschoolers. The app is available free and savors 100,000+ downloads (Touchzing Media Play Store, 2017).


Kids Abc Writing School Lite

This game has been developed by Yamunix, a US-based software company. It is designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners between 2 and 6 years. It is a handy tool for parents and teachers to help a child recognize ABCs, as well as practice writing English alphabet letters in a fun manner.

The main features, illustrated in Figure 3 below, include:

  • Clear guideline for writing the letters.

  • Practice page for letter writing

  • A score button to grade kids’ work

Key Terms in this Chapter

Animation: The technique of making inanimate objects or drawings appear to move in motion pictures or computer graphics.

Values: Principles or rules, covering dos and don’ts of right behavior in a society, culture, or religion.

Tool: Something instrumental or helpful in achieving a purpose. Here it means educational apps for kids.

Drill: A repeatable exercise meant to develop a mechanical behavior.

Software: Encoded computer instructions that can be modified unless stored in an unalterable memory such as ROM.

Toddler: A child aged 1-3, learning to walk.

Interact: Play with letters, numbers, shapes, characters, etc. in a game.

Android: A mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel. It comes in-built in most of the smart phones.

Preschooler: A child who has not yet attended a school and is taught at home, playgroup, or kindergarten.

Audio Support: Sound support in a software game in the form of voiced instructions, pronunciation of letters, words or numbers, appearing on the screen, etc.

Learning Package: Software designed to help kids learn letters, numbers, shapes, etc.

APP: A short form for application (program) designed for mobile devices.

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