Technology-Supported Tourist Guiding in Aviation Tourism

Technology-Supported Tourist Guiding in Aviation Tourism

Azizul Hassan (The Tourism Society, UK)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3725-1.ch014
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Augmented reality (AR) offers an interactive experience of the real-world environment when an object of the real-world is augmented by computer-generated perceptual information and relevant artefacts. This is a conceptual chapter based on the review of available literature. Also, resources on the internet have also been accessed and reviewed. On the context of the Diffusion of Innovation theory, this research aims to outline AR guiding for in an airport used for tourist aviation. Biman Bangladesh Airlines, the national flag carrier of the country, is the example where this study also explains the possible challenges and benefits that AR guiding facilities can possibly have. This research outlines two specific areas of management and marketing issues are analysis on the way to implement such guiding. Findings show that from the understanding of the Diffusion of Innovation, AR guiding in these days is adopted by an ‘Early Majority' who are followers and engages in reading those reviews given by the previous adopters of new services or products.
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Today’s travellers are more conscious about the services or products they are accessing, where, airliners face difficulties when they think about strong competitiveness. The effective management and marketing strategy formulation and adoption are important to place positive image on the consumer mindset. In addition, the prompt responses to consumers’ demands are also vital to fulfil their demands more satisfactorily. The growth of aviation market is turning as an obvious challenge in terms of fiercer competitions over the years with the introduction of more airliners across the world. However, the pace and rhythm are still to maintain a steady flow through out as the market tend to demand diversities with the development of updated marketing models. The global communities supported the move to quantify and broaden the extent of this market along with other potential segments and niches. The scopes are not limited and yet deserve more attention from all of the parties concerned to initiate and expand the platform. Both of the management and marketing strategists demand valid and updated data and information and the existing authority of Biman Bangladesh Airlines in many instances lack the wider availability of such data and information. The market oriented and strategically definable data and information are demands of the policy planners to validate the claim that the global aviation industry demands more attention for increasing marketing viabilities. Technology is normally universal and follows free flow over the countries and nations. Still, in certain cases, the application of technology can create a form of dichotomy and imbalance between the developed and developing that outlines the gap between these two forms. This study has a set objective that is clear and distinct by nature. On the base of the Diffusion of Innovation (Rogers, 1962), the aim of this research is focused on implementing AR guiding for aviation tourism with Biman Bangladesh Airlines as the example. Also, two specific areas of management and marketing issues are analysis on the way to implement such guiding. Based on findings this study offers some suggestions to overcome the explored issues of both management and marketing.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Aviation: Aviation in a simple meaning is flying with an aircraft like an airplane. This also involves the activities and industries attached to flight like air traffic control.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines: The national airliner of Bangladesh.

Tourism: Tourism is the peoples’ activities travelling to and staying in places outside their normal environment for leisure, business and other purposes and not for more than a consecutive year.

Bangladesh: Bangladesh is a South Asian county marked by many waterways and lush greeneries. The country has tremendous potentials for tourism development.

Tour Guide: A tour guide is the person who guides visitors in the language of their choice and interprets an area’s natural and cultural heritage which person generally possesses an area-specific qualification usually issued and/or recognised by the appropriate authorities.

Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport: This is most prominent and largest international airport in Bangladesh. This airport is located in Kurmitola, the northern part of the capital city Dhaka.

Technology: Technology is the scientific knowledge application for practical purposes, especially in industry.

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