Territory Democratization and Institutional Design in Urban Green Innovation

Territory Democratization and Institutional Design in Urban Green Innovation

José G. Vargas-Hernández (University Center for Economic and Managerial Sciences, University of Guadalajara, Mexico)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9885-5.ch006


This chapter has the objective to analyze the elements of urban green innovation based on the guarantee of the public interest to decentralize the infrastructure to democratize the territory and innovate the institutional design to address the complexity of the challenges in the city. The method employed is the critical analysis supported by a review of the literature and consultation of experts in the field. It is concluded that the urban green innovation capacity planning has a critical role in urban innovation development in specific areas of economic growth, social inclusion and equality, environmental sustainability, health, education, business, etc. To achieve these aims, urban green innovation requires one to guarantee the public interest, the democratization of the territory, and the new institutional design.
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Decentralize The Infrastructure To Democratize The Territory

Public interest is related with the well-being and welfare of the general public where all the society has a stake in opposition to the private interest related to the welfare of a person or firm. Public interest covers a wide range of issues, principles and values of legitimate public concern in the best interest of the whole society. The public interest in green and sustainable urban planning cannot be defined in objective terms as it has unsatisfying results in terms of green innovation in urban green areas, aesthetic and social dullness, necessary urban infrastructure and services, etc. However, normative planning has the tool of descriptive science, evident in the notion of public interest or common benefits of planning solutions.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Urban Green Innovation: It is an action of change that is a novelty of a green space, and therefore, is a terrain that is characterized by the presence of vegetation.

Instituciones: They are the set of the rules of the game of a society.

Territory Democratization: Development of local institutions in relation to spaces that strengthen civil society and affirm themselves for political control.

Demorcatization: Democratization is a process of development of liberal social institutions that lead to the strengthening of civil society.

Institutional Design: The different institutional arrangements of those projects carried out for organizations that perform a function of social interest.

Public Interest: Set of claims related to the collective needs of the members of a community and protected by the direct and permanent intervention of the state.

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