Test Cloud before Cloud Test

Test Cloud before Cloud Test

Sheikh Umar Farooq (University of Kashmir, India) and S. M. K. Quadri (University of Kashmir, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9916-8.ch005
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Cloud computing is rapidly gaining significant attention in our day-to-day life. Cloud computing and software testing is one of the hot research areas for both industry and research. While one aspect of this merger, i.e. cloud testing (STaaS), is on real high and is receiving significant research attention, there is a lack of research addressing the other side, i.e. ‘testing the cloud'. This chapter tries to differentiate between ‘cloud testing' and ‘testing the cloud' and explains why ‘testing the cloud' is so crucial. In addition, it also explains what tests should be done in order to mitigate the challenges and risks of migrating our businesses to the cloud. This chapter provides a comprehensive tutorial to discuss the testing of cloud and also explains the need, objectives, requirements and challenges in ‘testing the cloud'.
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Cloud computing has been the talk of the town for the past few years. Be it a computer professional or a naive smartphone user, everybody uses the services offered by the cloud in one way or the other. Cloud has gained a significant amount of attention by providing many significant services remotely in a very cost effective and flexible manner whenever and wherever needed. It involves large scale controlled sharing and contemporized utilization of multiple resources. The presence of cloud is obvious, and it is here to stay, having already proved to be more than just hype. Nicholas Carr, author of IT Doesn’t Matter and The Big Switch, strengthens the cloud position and its contribution to the history of technology, and even believes cloud computing, or utility computing, will eventually replace the IT department (Testing the Cloud, 2013).

Cloud computing, not only changes the way of obtaining computing resources, but also changes the way of managing and delivering computing services, technologies, and solutions (Priyadharshini & Malathi, 2014). The features and services provided by the cloud are attracting many organizations to move their businesses or some services to a cloud platform. Software testing has been one of the best practice areas for migrating to cloud environment (Incki, Ari & Sozer, 2012). Cloud computing is opening up new vistas of opportunity for testing, giving rise to a new phenomenon known as Software Testing as a Service (STaaS). It leverages the cloud-based hardware infrastructure and computing resources to perform traditional testing like performance, load, stress, security and compatibility testing for regular, on premises applications (Ananth, n.d.). Testing has traditionally been viewed as a necessary evil because it required a huge, dedicated infrastructure and resources that were used occasionally (Mylavarapu & Inamdar, 2011). Cloud testing utilizes the power of cloud computing, reducing the unit cost of computing, while increasing testing effectiveness. Many companies are using cloud-computing services in testing area more than in any other field. Software testing in the cloud (cloud testing) has the capacity to change the way software testing is performed. The impact of the cloud on testing practices has grown with the cloud’s growing presence in the IT space.

As cloud continues to stay stronger in current times and is most likely to be there for years to come, and with most of organizations shifting their business to the cloud. Computer scientists need to introspect whether we can really fully rely on the cloud. How do cloud vendors guarantee cloud-related quality of cloud services to the users? To successfully provide cloud services, there needs to be some kind of testing for cloud itself and its services. We need to test the cloud before it can be used to test other applications or for providing any other services. There remains a major misunderstanding concerning the difference between the two terms “cloud testing and testing the cloud”.

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