The Beauty of Nature

The Beauty of Nature

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This chapter argues that beauty of nature is the intrinsic quality of things and examines various types of natural beauty, including the beauty of landforms, the beauty of animals and creatures, the beauty of flowers, the beauty of trees and the natural in poetry. It also studies the hierarchy of natural beauty and finds that all objects, be it the universe, the solar system or the earth, are all of the same origin, and things evolve from a singularity and are in similar shapes rather than different shapes. It holds that the structure of natural beauty consists of three factors, namely the moving cause, the final cause, and the formal cause, and that these three factors (namely the structure of beauty) determine the function, the effect, as well as the characteristics of beauty. This chapter concludes that the utmost beauty is the natural beauty which emerges in the coordinated evolution of the universe, nature, and the human society. It is the origin of all artistic and design beauty.
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The Beauty Of Nature Is The Intrinsic Quality Of Things

The symmetry of shapes, the proper mixture of contrasting colors, and the harmony among diversified melodies and beats all represent the intrinsic qualities of natural beauty.

A brook, a little star, a piece of cloud, a green leaf, a drop of water, and a little flower can all be perceived as naturally beautiful.

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