The Construction of the Social Reality From the News Narrative to Transmedia Storytelling: A Research on the Masculine Violence and the Social Reflexes

The Construction of the Social Reality From the News Narrative to Transmedia Storytelling: A Research on the Masculine Violence and the Social Reflexes

Beste Nigar Erdem (Ondokuz Mayıs University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5357-1.ch025
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The present study discusses how a masculine violence is presented in the news narrative in Turkey. Moreover, this study aims to analyze how the mental designs are reflected to the multimedia platforms and how it constitutes the social interactions and reflexes. Fundamentally, this study queries how the social reality area is reconstructed. Constructing the theoretical frame and the literature review of the masculine violence are the major concerns of this study. Additionally, the role of the news narrative in the construction of the social reality and the representation of the news of masculine violence are examined in this study. Finally, a case of masculine violence in Turkey has been examined in the social production context of the transmedia storytelling.
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Gender, Hegemonic Masculinity, And Violence

Violence plays an important role in the establishment of gender regime and in the reproduction of male-power relations. In this context, the relationship between violence and gender is needed to be discussed. The perspective “malestream” in the scientific studies regarding violence has continued to be relevant long-term. Since the 1960s and 1970s, both feminist literature and masculinity studies have questioned the social, politics, economic and historical dynamics based on violence. Such a query became possible only after the notion “gender” was added to agenda.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Masculine Violence: It is a kind of masculinity performance based on social and cultural areas, produced by patriarchal institutions, and supported in the cultural representations.

Biological Determinism: The opinion which rejects the understanding that gender is shaped historically, socially and culturally, but assumes that self of the individual is based on biological, genetic and physiological factors.

Social Reality: The integrated mental activities developed commonly by the human beings, regarding the world they are living in.

Eksi Sözlük (Sour Dictionary): The social media platform, founded in 1999 in Turkey, for sharing online information by presenting definitions made by people for words and word groups.

Hegemonic masculinity: Indicates the encirclement of both the women and different masculinity forms lacking such a masculinity image, by the masculinity image of the men having the power in the hierarchical masculine power relations, with the help of both institutionalized patriarchal support and of cultural and social consent.

News Narrative: The way of telling that plays an important role to shape the designs in the minds of people of the relations that they set with each other and with the surrounding world.

Gender: The concept referring that the meaning of being female or male not only covers the biological, genetic and physiological but also the historical, social and cultural concerns.

Transmedia Storytelling: Describes the expanding, deepening, and diversifying of a story through the multimedia platforms in order to produce a convergence-based narrative world supported by the participatory culture.

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