The Dance of Aurora: Media Priestesses and Auric Fields

The Dance of Aurora: Media Priestesses and Auric Fields

Psyence Vedava
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8884-0.ch015
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This chapter suggests that embodied ritual practices of the feminine—involving media, art, psycho-spiritual technologies, and techniques of the occult—manifest transmedial auric fields that weave the dance of Aurora, the dance of awakening of the Goddess of Light. These fields resonate with the universal heart vibe, channeling the healing energies of the cosmic Mother to the physical, the digital, the mental, and the tech-noetic. Specific examples from the work of three women are presented, namely Dr. Lila Moore, Vedava (the author of this chapter) and Sedona Soulfire. These modern creatrixes actualize their media priestess function by fusing consciousness and the imaginative with the ancient and the futuristic, in the convergence of art, body, technology, and 21st century feminine spirituality.
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We live in times of darkness, in shadows of artificial light.

We lead our lives distorted, disharmonized, isolated and diseased in the murky realms of oblivious survival. Recognizing and accepting the truth is a fundamental step towards healing. Truth is consciousness expansion, a form of liberation. It is a recovering from Lethe, a remembrance. To remember is to rejoin with the inherent light of consciousness and interact with the universal astral light. This light can be approached through will and heart harmonized intention, through embodied presence and engagement of the creative imagination, for manifesting the hidden, bringing forth the new, and illuminating what lurks deep in the gloomy terrains of the (collective) unconscious.

To change, heal and harmonize the current catastrophic planetary condition, we need as individuals and as a collective to awaken from ignorance and see with clarity, shifting our agreed-upon everyday reality perceptions. We need to alter our consciousness and attune the alterations to the frequencies of virtuous evolutionary emancipation. We need to reclaim the ancestral wisdom encoded in the multidimensional direct experience of the embodied and mediate it across nature and culture. We need to reconstruct our identity and enrich the visions of a distant past for invoking the participatory manifestation of a great future, through directed energy and material agency substantiated in therapeutic fields and symbolic forms of light.

The media field is the reflective matrix inside the Matrix. In Latin matrix means womb and relates to matter/mater/meter/mat’/mātā/ma/mother (Dashu, 2014). The Matrix is the cosmic womb, the weaver of space and time, Mother Nature herself, the creative force of life, the cradle of the holographic universe, the spring of universal astral light, matter as energy, and consciousness as light. Contemporary philosophies of mind such as panpsychism are in line with the pre-Socratics who argue that matter is alive – mind/consciousness exists in some form in all living and non-living things (Nagel, 1979, Skrbina, 2005, Chalmers, 2013). Some of them see matter as a manifestation of cosmic mind (matter from consciousness – idealism, Kastrup, 2021); or reality as one fundamental cosmic unity from which all local differentiation/plurality emerges (dual-aspect monism / Pauli-Jung conjecture, Atmanspacher & Fuchs, 2014). From a quantum perspective, consciousness is a wave function, a universal biological property and possible manifestation of quantum coherence (Penrose et al., 2009/2017). All these theories resonate with intuitive knowledge, esoteric, occult, and new age worldviews, extraordinary paranormal experiences, and mystical knowledge (gnosis), and with non-western or ancient religions and philosophies. Reality is a shared cosmos of inherent unity, a vibrant world of interpenetrating waves, frequencies, resonances, correspondences, analogies, and synchronicities. In this magical world we are the artists and the artforms, authors, co-creators, and participators in the evolving story of perpetual becoming.

The Matrix as the cosmic vessel of boundless creativity is the manifestation of divine imagination expanding through a plurality of infinite intimate expressions, humans being just one. The light of consciousness pervades the Matrix and flows through it, through us, connecting the whole. It emanates from the (world) soul and is transmitted through the body, through the cells, and the DNA. It is inviting us to align with the primordial frequencies permeating our universal ancestry which is attuned to the heart of the cosmic Mother energy, the light of the Goddess, the primal archetype representing the giver and protector of life.

The dance of Aurora is the invocative flow of this light amplified by the feminine and transmitted through creative presence in intentional forms of focused energy through harmonious auric fields interpenetrating the media, while communicating symbolic meaning of fundamental truths. The initiator of this dance is the modern media priestess, a field manifester, a ritual performer and an artist. She invokes the energy fields that weave the mythic narratives of enlightenment and transfiguration, through embodiments of energy enraptured in media reflections extending through resonant fractal refractions. The dance of Aurora is an offering that emerges as an initiation, a ritual dance of symbolic death and catharsis clearing out the dullness and lies, the phantasies and phantoms of self and the collective; it is a dance of dawn and an invocation to light, a gratitude expression and a blessing, an awakening, a remembrance, and a consciousness expansion.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Spirituality: An engagement with spirit or any human practice that maintains contact between the everyday world and a meta-empirical framework of meaning (Hanegraaff, 2000, pp. 294-296) by way of direct experience and individual manipulation of symbolic systems.

HyperReality: An existential condition in which a consciousness has lost its ability to distinguish between the real and the imaginative and engages itself with the latter through the successive reproductions of reproductions of an improved reality that

Aurora: The Greco-Roman Goddess of Dawn, who renews herself and the world every morning, dancing the dance of light.

Archetypes: They are the contents of the collective unconscious, formless and invisible, manifested indirectly in symbolic forms determined by the cultural context. They are part of human inheritance and result from the evolution of the structure of the human psyche.

Transmediality: A process referring to the transfer, change, translation and transposition of one medium to another, as in the example of remediation (Kattenbelt, 2008, p. 100).

disconnects from its original referent and becomes an absolute fake (Baudrillard: 1994; Eco, 1986).

Alterations of Consciousness: Patterns of physiological, cognitive, and experiential events or psychophysiological conditions occurring in the flux of consciousness. They include, among others, sleep, trance, ecstasy, flow, peak, and mystical experiences; strong emotions, daydreaming and immersion, as well as pathological conditions such as dissociation and schizophrenia. The designation “alterations” of consciousness underlies the fluidity and plurality of different consciousness conditions (Baruss, 2003).

Occulture: A cultural reservoir of diverse ideas, beliefs, practices, and symbols related to individuals, groups and contemporary spiritualties involved in occult, hidden, rejected and oppositional practices and beliefs concerned with arcane knowledge that contradict the accepted worldviews and rules of dominant ideologies, giving an emphasis to immediate religious experience (gnosis) and to particular monistic cosmologies, anthropologies and theologies (Partridge, 2005, pp. 61, 67-68). As the term designates, the occult is becoming popular so as to form an “occulture,” something evident in popular media content that express and are also formative of this culture (p. 123).

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